Is Blade and Sorcery on Quest 3?

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Is Blade and Sorcery on Quest 3 - picture of a VR character attacking an enemy
Credit: Blade and Sorcery

When it comes to physics-based VR combat, Blade and Sorcery has always been the top choice for many. Lots of players love its smooth VR physics and weight simulation, and they expect that Quest 3’s features can improve the game even further. Now, the important question to answer: is Blade and Sorcery on Quest 3?

Blade and Sorcery players are also hopeful that the game will have a Quest 3 version since the Meta devs have rolled out interesting game upgrades for Quest 2. Advancements in Quest 2 can indeed have a positive impact on the latest Quest VR device.

If you're ready to take up your sword and shielf, then we are ready to answer your question. Let's find out if Blade and Sorcery is on Quest 3?

Is Blade and Sorcery on Quest 3?

Blade and Sorcery is listed on the Oculus experience page, so it’s very likely that the game will have a dedicated Quest 3 version. Blade and Sorcery is currently available on Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

Still, at the moment it is yet to be officially confirmed if Blade and Sorcery will have a separate Quest 3 version. The game will definitely have a high probability of being on Quest 3 because of the game’s sandbox appeal and realism. The latest Quest AR device has powerful features that support deep immersion, and the experience is also improved by TrueTouch haptics.

Blade and Sorcery supports two different game modes: Standing and Roomscale. In VR terms, Standing mode allows the user to stay in one area while Roomscale mode allows free-roaming and wide movements.

Blade and Sorcery Quest 3 updates

The possible improvements for Blade and Sorcery on Quest 3 are about the graphics, the overall immersion, physics, and adaptable scripting. Despite these speculated improvements, players think that Blade and Sorcery won’t have an entirely new game version, considering lots of people are still playing on Quest 2.


Meta Quest might also have some interesting game bundles that include Blade and Sorcery in the future. Such bundles can have bonus in-game features or even cool freebies.

And that’s the information we have about Blade and Sorcery on Quest 3. For more information on Meta Quest 3, check out our articles on the latest Quest specs and maximum resolution possible.

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