How to connect AirPods to Quest 3

How to connect AirdPods to Quest 3 - picture of a Meta Quest 3 headset
Credit: Meta

How to connect AirdPods to Quest 3 - picture of a Meta Quest 3 headset
Credit: Meta

Now that the Meta Quest 3 launch date is drawing near, many users are wondering how to connect Airpods to Quest 3. Since users were able to connect their AirPods to Quest 2, they expect that Quest 3 will have the same functionality.

Since the devs of the third Quest AR device have added more game upgrades, users and gamers are definitely looking forward to this AR headset even more. While the Quest 3 features a similar hardware to the Quest 2, it will definitely share some of the same strengths and weaknesses.

Read further if you want to know how to connect AirPods to Quest 3. We’ve gathered useful information about Meta Quest 3, especially the gadget’s compatibility with AirPods.

How to connect Airpods to Quest 3

While there’s still no confirmation of AirPods’ compatibility to Quest 3, we’re certain that it is possible due to Quest 3’s wireless function. To connect the AirPods to Quest 3, just activate the headphone and wait for it to be recognized by the Quest dashboard.

Still, we think that using AirPods on Quest 3 might be counter-productive since Meta’s latest AR device has built-in speaker grills.

Aside from Quest 3’s accessible speaker grills and dynamic audio dashboard, it even has a volume slider near the charging dock. Instead of accessing the AirPods’ dashboard, you can simply adjust the audio settings via Quest 3 itself.

However, connecting your AirPods to Meta’s newest AR system will allow others to at least enjoy what you’re hearing. In a way, you can share the ultimate Meta AR experience to others.

AirPods audio lag on Quest 3

While it is likely there might be some audio lag, overall you should experience acceptable latency with the AirPods headphone connected to Quest 3. Since Quest 3 has a stronger processing power than Quest 2, it can deliver a clear, unstoppable audio stream to all connected devices.

But don’t expect perfect latency all the time. Sometimes, the latency will drop, depending on Internet connection and game performance. Just be ready to adjust some game and network settings.

And that’s our guide on connecting AirPods to Quest 3. For more information, you can check out our guides on Meta Quest 3 pre-order and setup.

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