Can you play Quest 2 games on Quest 3?

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play Quest 2 games on Quest 3 RE4 VR

If you’re making the upgrade to the newest VR headset from Meta, you may be wondering if you can play Quest 2 games on Quest 3. Gaming consoles have always been hit or miss when it comes to backward compatibility, so we’ll check out if this will be an issue for the Quest 3 as well.

The Quest 2 has over 500 games and apps in its library including titles like Beat Saber, Resident Evil 4, and Blade and Sorcery. You may have built up a pretty solid collection of VR games on the Quest 2 so it’s understandable why you’d want to find out if you can bring them over to the Quest 3.

Having backward compatibility between the two headsets could make or break your decision to get the Meta’s latest VR headset, so let’s find out if you can play Quest 2 games on Quest 3.

Can you play Quest 2 games on Quest 3?

Yes, you can play Quest 2 games on Quest 3. Meta has confirmed that the Quest 3 is compatible with the Quest 2’s entire catalog.

But that’s not all. Quest 2 owners who upgrade to the Quest 3 will also get some free game upgrades for some of the titles they already own.

These upgrades will include newer builds and remastered versions for certain games. This makes a pretty convincing case for pulling the trigger on that Quest 3 upgrade.

Are there any Quest 3 exclusive games?

No, there aren’t any Quest 3 exclusive games at the moment. Even the new games that were announced alongside the Quest 3 have been confirmed to be playable on the Quest 2.


However, it is definitely possible that this will change some time in the future. For now, if you’re after new and exclusive gaming experiences, you won’t need to rush out to buy the new VR Headset from Meta. But if that changes, we will update this guide.

And that’s all for being able to play Quest 2 games on Quest 3. For more info on the VR headset, check out if you will be able to play Phasmophobia on Quest 3 and how to live stream on YouTube with the Quest 3.

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