Netflix Account Sharing is coming to an end following new tests

Friends and relatives that are currently sharing your Netflix account may be in for a unwelcome surprise. After years of relaxed account management, the streaming giant is looking at cutting out account sharing for good. 

Spotted by GammaWire, a new Netflix trial is currently going on that will stop account sharing dead in its tracks. Despite years of encouraging customers to give profile access to friends and relatives, the company has recently changed plans. 

Netflix says “you need your own account” 

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Image By: GammaWire

Reportedly, some users are currently being stopped from watching Netflix on a shared account. Those who are attempting to watch content on an account they do not own are currently being warned against doing so. With the intention of causing unpaid viewers to get their own memberships, Netflix informs: “if you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching".

 In the event that you receive this message, you’ll need to verify your access with the original account payer. The person who pays for Netflix will be able to give you a verification number that can give you access again. If you can’t get in touch with that person, you’ll have to go back to doomscrolling on social media. 

Why are they doing this? 

In previous years, Netflix has made it public knowledge that they’re aware of account leeching. In fact, the streaming company publicly endorsed the practice. It’s not just a practice by this streaming service either. As a matter of fact, Disney+, Now TV, Hulu and other services all allow customers to give others access to their subscriptions. 

With Netflix’s popularity coming under scrutiny amongst the vast army of rival streaming services, the company is likely trying to capitalise on grabbing unpaying fans of the service. After all, how many ex-partners are still sneakily holding onto their ex’s Netflix account? More than enough!

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