LG C4 OLED - release date, specs and everything we know

LG C4 OLED release date - An image of LG C3

LG C4 OLED release date - An image of LG C3

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Recent leaks regarding the LG C4 OLED TV have sparked excitement, suggesting it's set to join the ranks of the best gaming TVs. Following these revelations, potential buyers are increasingly curious about the release date and specs of the LG C4 OLED TV.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the LG C3 OLED, which amassed numerous awards and is still acclaimed as one of the best 120Hz gaming TVs, the upcoming LG C4 OLED is reported to bring significant enhancements in terms of refresh rate.

This guide aims to shed light on when the LG C4 OLED will become available, offering insights into its launch timeline and a sneak peek into its specifications.

LG C4 OLED predicted release date

The release date for the LG C4 OLED TV has not been announced, but LG is set to unveil its 2024 TV lineup, including the C4 model, at CES 2024 in January. This points towards a possible official release in early 2024, around Q1.

The predecessor of the LG C4, the C3, was unveiled at CES 2023 in January and subsequently released in March of the same year. If LG follows a similar pattern for the C4, we can reasonably anticipate its release around March 2024.

Similarly, the LG G4 release date is also anticipated to align with March 2024.

LG C4 OLED specs

Screen Size
55",65",77",83", and 97"
Panel Technology
Max Refresh Rate
α (Alpha) 9 Gen7 processor

A standout feature of the LG C4 is its 144Hz variable refresh rate (VRR). This marks a significant leap forward from the 120Hz refresh rate found in the LG OLED TVs released in 2023.

While C4 will not feature the MLA (Micro Lens Array) OLED panel, LG hinted that the C4 models will be slightly brighter than the similarly sized C3 models, thanks to the new processor and improved panel.

LG C4 is one for PC gamers

The LG C4 OLED TV, with its 144Hz refresh rate, appears to be specifically aimed at PC gamers. This move towards a higher refresh rate places LG in direct competition with models like the Samsung S90C and S95C, which also boast 144Hz capabilities.

Current generation consoles max out at 120Hz, meaning they won't fully utilize the 144Hz capability. In contrast, PC gamers can leverage this higher refresh rate when using the LG C4 as a gaming monitor, offering a more fluid and immersive gaming experience.

Last year, LG's Product Manager for OLED TVs emphasized a commitment to creating the best gaming TVs. The 2024 OLED lineup, featuring the LG C4, seems to deliver on this promise, tailoring specifically to the needs and expectations of the gaming community.

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