How to get Twitch Drops

Twitch drops - A hand holds a phone showing the Twitch logo

Twitch drops - A hand holds a phone showing the Twitch logo

Want to know how to get Twitch Drops? These are rare and valuable in-game rewards that you can get from Twitch livestreams of your favourite games.

On Twitch, where game devs and content creators stream their gameplays live, there's a Twitch Drop feature that's completely free for any logged-in user. In this guide, we'll take you through how to get Twitch Drops.

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Twitch Drops - Logo of Twitch
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Twitch Drops - how to get

Drops serve as rewards for viewers who engage with their favorite content and channels on Twitch. Each Drop comes with a watch time requirement established by the game developer. By tuning in to a participating channel, the time spent contributes toward earning the Drop and its associated rewards.

To get Twitch Drops, you'll need to log into your Twitch account and watch any participating channel for the specified time set by the game developer. Usually, it's at least 60 minutes of watch time. Upon meeting the time requirement, you can claim your rewards—it's that easy!

As you watch a participating channel, progress toward a Drop accumulates. Upon reaching 100% progress for an active Drop, a claim notification appears in the Twitch navigation, directing you to the Drops Inventory page for reward redemption.

Even if you miss the claim message, you can still claim the Drop from the Drops Inventory page throughout the campaign's duration. You can also track your progress in claiming rewards on this page.

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Note that your game account may need to be linked to your Twitch account, and if so, a notification from Twitch will let you know. You can link your Twitch account to multiple game accounts, but progress toward a reward is specific to one channel at a time.

This means that you can't progress towards multiple Twitch Drops by watching several streams simultaneously, but you can switch between channels that offer the same Drop. If you want to change the Twitch Drop you're getting, you can switch to another one, and Twitch will save your progress on the previous Drop.

How to get more Twitch Drops

When a channel is part of a Drops campaign, a notification at the top of the chat informs viewers about the ongoing campaign and provides details on how to earn rewards.

These Drops aren't offered by Twitch creators or the platform itself, but by game developers. They can provide free weapons, skins, power-ups, and more to use in their games.

To see what Twitch Drops you can get, click on your Twitch profile picture, and then the Drops & Rewards page. The All Campaigns page under Drops & Rewards showcases active campaigns, participating channels, their dates, associated games, and how to earn each reward.

Additionally, to get more Twitch Drops, you can keep an eye on the DropsEnabled tag on channel pages as well as the Browse category to find out if a Drops campaign is currently running.

That's all for our guide on how to get Twitch Drops. Before you go, don't forget to check out how to get your Twitch Recap 2023. Also, find out how to connect Twitch to OBS and Streamlabs.

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