Should I Wait For The Samsung Galaxy A33? Here's What We Think

After watching the latest and greatest Samsung showcase with the impressive A53 leading the pack, I was left wondering whether I should I wait for the Samsung Galaxy A33 instead?

While the jury is still out on whether the A33 will make its way to the US, the A53 is releasing on April 1st, with the A33 arriving later on the 22nd in Europe/UK.

Sure, both phones look fantastic and seemingly only have minor differences, but does the A33 have something over the A53 that may make it worth hanging around for?

So should you wait? Here's a few things you may want to consider if you're weighing it up for yourself.

Should I wait for the Samsung Galaxy A33?

There are few thing you'll want to factor in here, and probably the most important is price. So let's start there.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy A33?

The Samsung Galaxy A33 is priced at £329, which we'd say is in the lower mid-region phone bracket when it comes to price.

It's super affordable as far a smartphones go, even in comparison to its counter part, the A53, which comes in at £399/ $449.

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Waiting around for the Samsung Galaxy A33 could save you enough for a new pair of wireless headphones or even something else - it's certainly not a saving to sniff at, especially considering what you're getting for the price.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Design

Now at a lower price point, you'd think you'd miss out on a ton of features, right? Well, actually it's not so much the case.

When it comes to design, you're getting ever-so-slightly bigger bezels with the A33, but they're still pretty thin in our eyes.

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It also comes in the same colours as the A53, so you're not missing out there. Colours include black, white, peach hue and pastel blue - so there's something for everyone really.

When it comes to performance, there's a little difference, but we think for most users it won't be too big a deal either.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Specs

When it comes to performance the A33 is 5G, and has the same processor as the A53 (the Exynos 1280). Both have 5000 mAh batteries which should last around two days.

What's slightly different is the screen size and maximum refresh rate. The A53 has a 6.5" 120hz display with the A53 having a 6.4" 90hz screen.

The difference here is minimal, but you may feel it if you're using it for gaming, however, even then unless you're aiming to play competitively we doubt it would be an issue. 90hz is still higher than many smartphones in a similar price bracket, so it's still a win.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Camera

The cameras themselves are practically the same as the A53's, aside from the front facing setup.

You're getting a 48MP main, 8MP ultrawide angle, 5MP macro lens and 2MP depth sensor. The front camera is 13MP, but isn't a punch-hole setup, which could be a deal killer for some, but for most won't be an issue.

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Both the A33 and A53 have impressive enhancements for night shooting, which for a phone at this price range is another big win for those sticking to a budget who don't want to miss out.

Our Verdict

The big question here is how much an extra £70 gets you. In this case, an extra £70 gets you a higher max refresh rate, which could be good for consuming fast paced content, a 0.1-inch bigger screen, and slightly smaller bezels with a punch hole front facing camera.

That extra £70 also gets the A-series into your hands as early as possible.

But if you fancy saving that £70, then we'd say the A33 is worth the wait, as you're essentially getting the same phone when it comes to performance, with the only real concession being a slight variation on design and refresh rate.

Either way, we think these two phones deliver the goods and then some.

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