OSOM OV1: Release Date, Specs, Design, Leaks, and More

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The OSOM OV1 is a unique privacy-first smartphone that could make for one of the most unique releases of the year.

Due to some plans changing, we missed out on seeing the OV1 at the Mobile World Congress, and it even looks like the release date has been pushed back a little too, but thanks to some intriguing teases around the phone itself, we're even more excited to find out exactly what OSOM has in store for us.

Here's everything we know so far about the OV1.

OSOM OV1 Release Date

The Osom OV1 is said to be heading our way for Q4 2022, which is around the same time we can expect the likes of the rumoured Google Pixel 7 and the iPhone 14.

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We'll update you when we hear a more concrete date closer to the time, which expect will be just over a month or so before release.

OSOM OV1 Design

Not so much a leak, per say, but we have recently got a glimpse of the front of the phone itself, in addition to what the USB-C cable looks like too.

From what we see, we certainly like the look of it. Thin bezels and what looks like slightly curved sides give the phone a premium touch.

osom ovi 1 leaks
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We got a closer look at the back and side of the phone thanks to OSOM's twitter account too, which you can check out below.

osom ovi 1 design
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Materials used are said to include a stainless chassis, titanium components, victus corning glass, and zirconia back.

Even more interesting in many ways is the USB-C cable itself, which features a switch which can be used turn off data collection when plugged in.

That's going to be big plus for those who want to privacy first, and may even spark a trend across the industry as whole...here's hoping!

OSOM OV1 Specs

Currently, not much is know as to what to expect with the phones specs, but there does seem to be some agreement that it'll likely be Snapdragon Chipset - potentially the successor to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

The OV1 is also said to come with 'beyond all day battery', which could mean in excess of 6000 mAh if we're lucky, in addition to a dual physical sim setup.

The camera looks like it will be a 48mp/ 12pm rear set, with a 16pm front camera.

OSOM OV1 Price

As for the price, it looks like the OSOM OV1 will be coming in at well under $1000 according to an article on Tech Crunch.

Just how far under $1000 is yet to be seen, but we're hoping it comes in at around $800 or so.

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