Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Release Date Rumours, Latest Leaks, Specs, and Price

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The latest generation of Samsung smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, looks to be heading our way, and of course, one of the first things we'd love to know is a release date.

2022 may be quite a busy year for Samsung's product releases if rumours are to be believed with the likes of the Galaxy ZFold 4, Galaxy A73 phone and Galaxy Buds 3 expected, alongside already-available products such as their flagship Galaxy S22 line of phones, all of which look to be fantastic options in their own right.

As such, we're pretty excited for the next iteration of Samsung watches. They have been noted as some of the best in class, offering a great combo of sleek design and marvellous features, and if leaks are to be believed, the fifth iteration may be adding some cool features.

Here’s everything we know so far, and why you have every reason to be excited about a brand new smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Release Date Predictions

Whilst there isn't a concrete release date for the Galaxy Watch 5 just yet, Samsung does release their smartwatches in a clearly defined pattern, which makes the release for the fifth generation that little bit easier to anticipate.

It would make sense, therefore, to expect the Watch 5 in August 2022, given the Watch 4 was released at the same time last year, and the Watch 3 in August 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specs

Information concerning the watch's specs is surprisingly scant right now, but there are a couple of rather interesting details that have been leaked, that's for sure.

The first of these comes via Korean news outlet ET News which states the Watch 5 may well have a temperature sensor built-in. This would join the other sensors present on the Galaxy Watches ranging from an ECG monitor to a SpO2 sensor.

Other than that, the only other rumour comes from SamMobile which has stated the Watch 5 is likely to have a larger battery than its predecessor. This would go increase to 276mAh on the Watch 5, compared to 240mAh that's currently available on the Watch 4.

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In a more general sense, it would make sense that the Watch 5 continues to use WearOS as its operating system, after making the move from Samsung's own Tizen operating system between the Watch 3 and Watch 4.

Beyond this, it would also make sense for it to feature a new Exynos processor that may continue using the 5nm processing node, and maybe more RAM if the watch ends up having more features.

In addition, it would make sense for the Galaxy Watch 5 to keep different casing sizes - the Watch 4 featured 40, 42, 44 and 46mm depending on the version you bought, as well as the fun of interchangeable straps so you can change the look of your watch on the fly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Price

Much like with the release date, there hasn't been any leaks concerning the Galaxy Watch 5's pricing, but we can use previous years to get an idea of what might be the case.

Last year, depending on which version of the Galaxy Watch 4 variant you bought, prices ranged from £249/$249 (Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Bluetooth) to £409/$429.99 (Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm 4G).

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It would make sense for the Watch 5 to keep in with these prices, but maybe increase them over so slightly as you should be getting more for your money.

As and when we hear official details concerning pricing and availability, we'll be sure to let you know.

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