Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro gaming mouse gets a huge discount

Three black PC mice in a row, two of which are plugged in, and the one at the end featuring a green light around the scroll wheel.
Credit: Razer

The Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro is a formidable ally, seamlessly blending the precision and performance needed from a top-tier wireless gaming mouse. However, what's even better than the mouse, at least right now, is the money you can currently save on it at Amazon.

You can pick up this extremely fast-paced and ergonomic gaming peripheral for half of what it costs normally. That's right, it's currently 50% off, meaning you only have to pay $64.99 (£64.35 in the UK) for what is one of the best gaming mice on the market.

If you're not sold yet, perhaps its impressive specs will change your mind...

Someone with their hand on a black wireless gaming mouse featuring green lighting on top.
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Credit: Razer

This mouse is driven by Razer's Focus+ sensor, offering an impressive 20,000 DPI for precise control. Weighing in at 88g too, it stands out as one of the lighter mice available in today's market.

The battery life is particularly noteworthy as well, providing up to 70 hours of usage with full Chroma lighting. And, its connectivity options, via the bundled HyperSpeed receiver or Bluetooth, promise minimal latency, positioning it as a comfortable, quick, and reliable wireless gaming mouse that can cover all your PC needs, especially as that 50% discount is hard to turn down.

Before we wrap up, we think it's also worth mentioning there is an upgrade on the v2 Pro - the Razer DeathAdder v3 Pro.

It's lighter and features 30,000 DPI, however, it's not on sale like its v2 predecessor. Make sure you check back in with us though, as we'll be providing more one-off deals in the future, which could one day include the v3 Pro.

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