How to connect Xbox controller to Quest 3

How-to-connect-Xbox-controller-to-Quest 3
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How-to-connect-Xbox-controller-to-Quest 3
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The Meta Quest 3 has become one of the most sought-after VR headsets for its rich and immersive visual experience. If you're an Xbox player, you might want to play some of your favourite titles on this fantastic headset meaning knowing how to connect an Xbox Controller to a Meta Quest 3

Xbox is compatible with the MetaQuest 3 and its previous version, Meta Quest 2. Not to forget, with the beta Xbox Cloud Gaming app launched on the Meta Store, it's also compatible with Meta Quest Pro. This means your entire Xbox Library is up for a high-display gaming experience.

In this guide, we'll cover the quick steps to connecting your Meta Quest 3 to an Xbox and let this headset take you on exciting journeys inside your favourite games.

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Connect Xbox Controller to Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 Xbox controller connection requirements

Here are some basic requirements for connecting these two devices:

  • A fast and non-laggy internet connection
  • A working Meta Quest 3 headset
  • An Xbox controller
  • A subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Quest V60 software

Now that you have the ultimate requirements for unparalleled VR gaming, it's time to check out how to connect an Xbox controller to a Meta Quest 3 headset.

You're now only a few steps away from indulging in an exhilarating VR gaming experience. Check out our article on Meta Quest 3 and PC requirements to clear out any other questions you have in mind.

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Steps to connect Xbox controller to Quest 3

How to connect Xbox controller to Meta Quest 3

Now that we know what we need to connect an Xbox controller to Meta Quest 3, let's check out some easy steps to make it happen-

Put on headset and open the Store App

It's as simple as it sounds. Wear the Meta Quest 3 headset and click on the Meta Store app icon on the Meta Toolbar. You'll find this toolbar on your home screen.

Search Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta)

After finding the Meta Store app icon, tap it to find the Xbox Cloud Gaming option and click it. Keep in mind that this option is in its beta version. That being said, it's still available for everyone with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account.

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Download and get started

Click on Get and download the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta version app. After you've installed it, open this app and click on the blue Get Started button. This will help initiate the setup process.

Activate Xbox controller's pairing mode

Put the Xbox controller into pairing mode by clicking the Sync button. You'll find it on the controller's upper-left side. Hold the button till the Xbox logo continues to flash. Then, click Next on your Xbox headset.

Select the controller for headset

After this, click on Pair New Controller and select your Xbox controller to start. If your controller doesn't appear automatically, this step will help you find it manually.

Confirming pairing process

Click on your Xbox controller option and press the blue pop-up Pair to confirm the process. After the two devices connect, click on the option Done, and complete your set-up

(Optional) Restart the headset

Follow this step only if the Xbox Cloud app doesn't recognize the controller. Hold-press the controller's power button and select the restart option.

Start Gaming!

Now that you've completed the entire connecting process, it's time to open the beta Xbox Cloud Gaming app and choose the best games to try today!

In short, it's easy to connect an Xbox controller to a Meta Quest 3 headset. If the connection doesn't work, you can always restart the controller for a quicker setup. So try out these steps, and immerse yourself into a virtual big screen!

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