Hyperkin revives Xbox's most underrated controller

The Hyperkin Duchess Original Xbox S controller in a white skin on a wooden table

The Hyperkin Duchess Original Xbox S controller in a white skin on a wooden table

Hyperkin is reviving yet another classic Xbox controller following the success of its Duke and Xbox 360 pads. This time targeting the brilliant Original Xbox S controller, Hyperkin is bringing back the most underrated device in the brand’s 23-year history.

Last year, the gaming peripheral company brought back the Xbox 360 controller to much acclaim. However, the team’s Xbox pedigree started with the hugely successful revival of the oversized Xbox Duke controller.

Revealed during CES 2024, the Hyperkin Xbox S brings the second Original Xbox controller back from the dead. Originally designed for Japanese markets, the Xbox S controller was released to combat complaints of the system’s large size back in 2001.

Known as the Hyperkin DuchesS, the controller has officially started development at the company. Of course, there are multiple improvements over the Original Xbox version of the controller, including a built-in share button for screenshot and video captures, a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headset port.

Even more impressive is the addition of Hall Effect joysticks and triggers. These magnetically powered joysticks are designed to eliminate stick drift, an issue that has plagued the company’s prior classic Xbox controllers. (My Cortana Duke sadly has horrid stick drift.)

The Hyperkin Duchess Original Xbox S controller on a wooden table
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Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t reveal if the Xbox DuchesS will include the addition of bumpers alongside its classic Black and White buttons. Hyperkin previously added bumpers to the Duke controller, and the new pad could also benefit heavily from their addition.

No price has been revealed for the upcoming revived Original Xbox S controller. However, considering it lacks the fancy OLED screen of its Duke predecessor, we should expect it to cost less than that pad’s $89.99 RRP. Perhaps something closer to the 360 controller’s $49.99 price range?

Hyperkin has also revealed more tech at its CES 2024 showcase, including a Sega Genesis clone that also plays original console cartridges. The company is also working on new plastic guitar controllers for Fortnite Festival.

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