MacBook Air 2022: Latest Leaks, Release Date, Colours, Specs, Price, And More

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The MacBook Air has always been a popular laptop thanks to its brilliant performance and stunning design, but what could we potentially see with a 2022 version?

While we were expecting to see the MacBook Air make an appearance in March, we were left wanting, so the rumour mill has resumed and we're now on high-alert this month for any clues as to what we could expect with the next MacBook Air.

Let's take a closer look at everything we know so far, including all the latest meaningful 'leaks' we've come across.

MacBook Air 2022 Latest Leaks

So at the moment, little is know officially about the MacBook Air 2022, but there are nuggets of information we can go on to give us an idea.

MacBook Air 2022 Release Date Rumours

The general consensus seems to be leaning towards a late 2022 release date, largely based on when the last MacBook Air was released (November 2020).

Late 2022 is looking to be absolutely packed with potential releases, so we're wondering how the MacBook Air is going to stand up to the likes of the iPhone 14, which is also rumoured to on its way for around that time period too.

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Not to mention that there are also other rumours of new GPUs heading our way for late 2022, such as the AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series.

Recently, however, analyst Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has recently claimed that we may see new Air announced at Apple's WWDC, alongside iOS 16 and watchOS9.

Whether we'll get a release date at WWDC remains to be seen.

MacBook Air 2022 Design

Now before we get into the rumours around different colours, a recent concept design has showcased what we could expect from Apple this time around, and it's got us very, very excited.

MacBook Air 2022 design leak
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Image Credit: ZoneofTech

The image comes from YouTuber ZoneofTech, and while he may be 'almost very certain', we'd still say take these with a pinch of salt...just remember what the original PS5 concepts looked like, and you can thank us later!

But, as we mentioned, it's hard not to get excited as the redesign looks to be one of the biggest in years. You've got smaller bezels this time around, and looks like it has a display notch too - which we're confident will fire up some healthy discussion.

The MacBook Air also looks like it's stepping away from the 'wedge' shape we've seen in the past. It'll be down to person preference, but we think that could look amazing.

Now, on to the colours.

MacBook Air 2022 New Colours

So it looks like the big thing that could be on the horizon for the MacBook Air 2022 are a host of new colours.

This is considered to be the most likely change for the MacBook Air 2022, as it could follow up on the new colourful 24-inch iMacs that were shown at the Spring Loaded event.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser claimed that one of his sources has seen a prototype of the new MacBook Air in a different shade of blue, and well known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also suggests that there will be a number of colour-ways heading our way.

There have been some renderings shared by Jon Prosser, that you can check out below.

macbook air 2022 design
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If we're judging by what's come before we may get seven colours this time around. Whether they'll be the same blue, green, pink, silver, orange, purple, and yellow as the new iMac or a new variation we'll just have to wait and see!

MacBook Air 2022 Price

We don't expect the MacBook Air 2022 to run into the same rumoured price increases of the upcoming GPUs, which are theorized to be slightly more expensive than before due to demand and increase in cost of materials.

There's no official word as expected at this stage, but as usual, we'll throw our hat in the ring. The current MacBook Air model starts at $999, and we'd expect this the MacBook Air 2022 to also start around the same price.

MacBook Air 2022 Specs & Features

The big thing most people want to know is what chipset the laptop will have. Will it be a variation on the M1 or will it be the new M2 chip?

Well, the rumour mill is indeed turning when it comes to this, with reportedly one leaker claiming that the MacBook Air 2022 will launch with the new M2 chip, which goes hand in hand with a similar prediction from Mark Gurman.

Whether or not this will be the case is still a big question we don't have the answer for, as we could well see a version of the M1 feature.

As for the display, another key selling point of the MacBook in general, it could end up being Mini-LED, at least according to Ming Chi-Kuo.

This has already been introduced into the MacBook Pro 14", so it makes sense that we'd see it in the new MacBook Air 2022. Mini-LED displays are also said to be more energy efficient and boast higher brightness, so there's more than a few reasons to use it this time around.

MacBook Air 2022 Magsafe Chargers

It looks likely that we'll see the MacBook Air 2022 feature mag-safe chargers, following on from the recent MacBook Pro option.

This has a load of practical applications, especially if you happen to accidentally yank on the cable. Not only that, but it makes unplugging your laptop a breeze if you find yourself having to leave in a hurry.

Stay tuned for even the all the latest, and don't forget to check out our best monitors for MacBook Pro to take your setup to a whole new level.

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