iPhone SE 4: Release Date Rumours, Latest Leaks, Specs, and More

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The iPhone SE 4 could be Apple's best mid-range iPhone when it releases, and of course, we'd love to know a release date for when that might be.

The dust may have only just settled on the iPhone SE 3, but there have been a good few leaks pertaining to new iPhones, including the top-of-the-range iPhone 14 Pro Max and of course the iPhone 14. It's high time that Apple's more affordable offering got to shine though, and judging by the early sketches, it could be quite the upgrade.

Here’s everything we know so far, and why you should be excited about a brand new, and more affordable iPhone.

iPhone SE 4 Release Date Rumours

If we go off of previous patterns, there is anything between two and four years between the release of the three SE generations. The original was released in 2016, with the SE 2 being released in 2020 and the iPhone SE 3 saw the light of day in March 2022.

Based off this, we could well see the iPhone SE 4 launch in 2024, if Apple keeps to its two year time gap, with a release in the Spring.

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This prediction is backed up by reputable analyst Ross Young who noted in October 2021 that Apple has earmarked 2024 as the year to release a larger-screen iPhone SE, and again in January 2022 where he stated a fourth-gen SE is likely to launch in 2023/2024.

With a release date still potentially a couple of years away, it gives Apple plenty of time to try ideas out, or take their time to develop the phone, of course.

iPhone SE 4 Latest Leaks

Of course, as the potential release date for the iPhone SE 4 is still some time away, details are a little thin on the ground with regards to concrete specs, but there have been some very interesting leaks and rumours that are worth taking note of.

A New Chassis

The meatiest rumour concerning the iPhone SE 4 is that the new generation could drop the old chassis it's featured since the iPhone SE 2 from 2020.

Analyst Ross Young has noted the next iPhone SE may well feature a 5.7-inch screen, which would provide an extra inch of screen real estate compared to the current casing that's the same as the iPhone. 8 was with a 4.7-inch display.

As Apple looks to use older casings for their SE models, a 5.7-inch display would mean the iPhone SE 4 may well look more like an iPhone X than the iPhone 8, albeit with a faster processor, of course.

A Faster Processor

On the point of a faster processor, it makes sense to expect the iPhone SE 4 to have some beefier performance than its predecessor, given there will have been a couple more years of phone processors for Apple to potentially utilise inside the iPhone SE 4.

iphonex front side flat
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Image Credit: Apple - the iPhone SE 4 could feature a similar chassis to the iPhone X (pictured)

The current-gen iPhone SE 3 utilises Apple's A15 Bionic chip, the same as in the iPhone 13, and based on this, we could well see the SE 4 make use of Apple's as-yet-unreleased A17 Bionic chip, which, based on patterns, could be seen in the 2023 iPhones in their usual September release date slot, with the SE 4 released the following Spring.

No More Touch ID?

If the iPhone SE 4, as has been suggested, utilises the chassis of an iPhone X, it would mean that it would feature Face ID as opposed to Touch ID.

The form this would take, be it with a notch or punch hole camera, remains to be seen, but in using the iPhone X's chassis for reference, that featured a full-screen display with a noticeable notch, so it may be the case the SE 4 features the same stylistic choices.

As and when we hear more info, we'll be sure to let you know.

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