iPhone 15: Release Date Predictions, Leaks, Rumours, and More

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The iPhone 15 may be a couple of years away but there's still plenty of reasons to be excited for one of Apple's upcoming smartphones.

If the current early leaks and rumours are anything to go by, it could well be one of the best iPhones for a good while, trumping the current gen iPhone 13 and even the upcoming iPhone 14, but that of course does remain to be seen. With yet more rumours around other Apple products, like the MacBook Air 2022, tipped for significant re-designs we're certainly excited to see what's on the horizon...

So, get yourselves strapped in, as we're going to take a deep dive into all things iPhone 15 and see what to look out for with the upcoming handset.

iPhone 15 Release Date Predictions

Whilst there isn't a concrete release date for the iPhone 15 just yet as the phone is still a generation away, we can use Apple's previous patterns to work out when it might arrive.

iPhones are typically announced within the first fortnight of September, and this has been the case for the iPhone 13 for last year right back to the iPhone 5 in 2012.

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It would make sense for this trend to continue with the iPhone 15, so a logical release date for the phone would be within the first couple of weeks of September 2023, if Apple sticks to schedule.

iPhone 15 Latest Leaks

Whilst the iPhone 15's rumoured release date is still 18 months or so away, there has still been some leaks and rumours popping up as to what features and design choices the new handset may have.

A New Connector

Chief among these rumours is perhaps Apple potentially introducing USB-C to the iPhone after years of using the Lightning connector.

Back in 2012, Apple introduced Lightning with the iPhone 5 and promised customers ten years before a port change, which would line up with the iPhone 14. Alas, the iPhone 14 is set to keep Lightning, according to leakers.

However, with the iPhone 15, USB-C is perhaps more likely given the two-year deadline the EU placed on Apple to convert the iPhone to USB-C in September 2021 (via MacWorld), which conveniently lines up with a September 2023 release.

Or No Ports At All?

The other route for Apple to go with complying with the EU's standard connector legislation is to opt for a completely portless iPhone that charges wirelessly.

However, this looks to be less likely as there are still things that need to be connected by wires such as apple's CarPlay system. Speedy file transfer is also only possible via wires these days, so it seems odd how Apple could make a portless iPhone work at this moment in time.

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The Return Of Touch ID

The return of Touch ID was first touted for the iPhone 14 Pro models, according to leaker LeaksApplePro (via Forbes) back in December 2021.

As per Ming-Chi Kuo, 2023 could be the year Apple returns to Touch ID, after years of fans and users crying for the return of fingerprint entry to the mainstream lineup of iPhones. It was originally intended for the iPhone 14 but was 'delayed' to the 15 for unknown reasons.

A Periscope Camera

One of the more prominent iPhone 15 leaks concerns that of a new style of camera called a 'periscope camera' that looks to offer higher levels of optical zoom.

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Image Credit Apple - the iPhone 15 may add another lens to the camera array

This could be executed via a folding mechanism inside the iPhone to offer a longer zoom with more space between the lens and sensor. It isn't clear as yet if a periscope lens would replace an existing one on the iPhone or if Apple would add another one to the camera array.

An iPhone 15 Fold

Out of all the rumours, one concerning a foldable iPhone is definitely a statement piece.

This comes courtesy of analyst Ross Young (via MacRumors) who has stated a foldable or flip iPhone could arrive in either 2023 or 2024, which may be part of the iPhone 15 lineup. Ming-Chi Kuo has concurred with this, and noted the display could be as large as 8 inches in size.

According to Jon Prosser, Apple has tested a couple of different versions with both a smaller flip phone and foldable phone considered, so we could get either, or both.

Of course, all of this remains to be seen, and if the iPhone Fold/Flip does come to fruition, it's sure to stand up well against the competition.

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