Netflix error code UI3012 - how to fix the streaming issue

Netflix error code UI3012 - An image of the Netflix loading screen on a computer

Netflix error code UI3012 - An image of the Netflix loading screen on a computer

If you are encountering the Netflix error code UI3012 on your computer while trying to watch Netflix via your web browser, we are here to help!

Netflix error codes can indeed be exasperating. Whether it's the frustrating NSES-500, the elusive AVF 11839, or the pesky UI3012, these annoying error codes can disrupt our streaming experience, leaving us longing for a swift resolution.

But fear not! In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of troubleshooting and resolving the Netflix error code UI3012.

How to fix Netflix error code UI3012

Contrary to the information provided on the Netflix help page, error code UI3012 is not triggered by network connectivity issues. Instead, Netflix error code UI3012 is likely caused by the browser extension that enforces 1080p playback.

To fix Netflix error code UI3012, simply disable any browser extensions that enforce 1080p playback for Netflix content and use the standard 720p playback instead. If that doesn't solve the issue, uninstall the problem extensions.

In case the problem persists, consider disabling all browser extensions you currently have installed. Some extensions may be interfering with Netflix, causing the problem.

If all else fails, your only option is to watch Netflix by downloading the official app from the App Store or the Windows Store. Alternatively, you can choose to watch Netflix on other devices such as PS5, smartphone or tablet.

What is Netflix error code UI3012?

According to the Netflix help page, Netflix error code UI3012 typically indicates a network connectivity problem that is preventing your computer from accessing the Netflix service. The error code appears exclusively on computers while using Netflix via a web browser.

However, some users have reported that their internet connection is functioning correctly, and they can access Netflix from other devices without any issues. This suggests that the error may not be related to the network connectivity itself, as stated by Netflix.

A user has reported a significant discovery related to the UI3012 error. After extensive troubleshooting, they found that the Netflix error code UI3012 is caused by the browser extension that forces 1080p playback for Netflix.

We hope that the troubleshooting tips provided in this guide have proven helpful in resolving the Netflix error code UI3012 for you. In case you encounter other annoying Netflix error codes such as tvq-st-106 or M7121-1331, come back here as we have fixes for them as well.

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