Is Netflix on PS5: How to watch Netflix on PS5

Are you looking for Netflix on the PS5? You aren't alone. When Microsoft first launched the Xbox One in 2013, they were heavily criticised for focusing too much on the TV aspects of the console, including the ability to stream shows and films via services such as Netflix.

While games will always be the main selling point for any video game console, apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and YouTube have become crucial as more games consoles make their way into living rooms across the world.

While it's already available on most video game consoles (except the Nintendo Switch), let's have a look at whether the Netflix app is on the PS5.

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Is Netflix on the PS5?

Netflix is available to download and use on the PS5, and has been since the console first launched in November 2020. In fact, this was discovered before the console launched via the PS5 Media Remote. The PlayStation 5 Media Remote has four buttons dedicated to various streaming/media applications, and included in that is Netflix.

It's no surprise to see Netflix - one of the most popular streaming services worldwide - appear on both the PS5 console and the Media Remote from Day One.

Sony later confirmed Sony in a blog post that Netflix would be available on the PS5 from Day 1, singling out the likes of Haunting of Bly Manor and Stranger Things as shows to watch.

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Netflix appears alongside Spotify, YouTube, and Disney+ on the Media Remote

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How to download Netflix on PS5

To download all the latest media applications such as Netflix, you'll no longer need to navigate through the PS Store, now integrated into the new PlayStation 5 User Interface.

Instead, you'll use the new Media space to navigate between and install your desired streaming or media apps, all while using the new Control Centre to skip between apps, shows, or music much easier than before.

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