Does the Samsung Galaxy A33 have wireless charging?

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So does the Samsung Galaxy A33 have wireless charging? For many of you out there, wireless charging is one of the many must-haves in your next phone selection, so it's worth knowing before you dive in.

Here we'll give you all the answers you need around what could be one of the best mid-range phones to date, and share a few of our thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy A33 itself.

Does Samsung Galaxy A33 have wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A33 does not have, or support, wireless charging, which continues the trend of previous models in the A-series.

What it does have, however, is a massive 5000 mAh battery which boasts up to two days of usage and 25W fast charging capabilities.

This, to be frank, may negate the necessity of using a top wireless charger for its primary purpose (charging) entirely, as from the looks of it, the A33 won't be running out of battery anytime soon.

Why doesn't the Samsung Galaxy A33 have wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A33 comes in at around $430 and boasts the following features:

  • 90hz, 6.4" AMOLED screen
  • 48MP main, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP depth, 5MP macro rear. 13MP front.
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 128GB, 256GB storage
  • 6GB, 8GB RAM

For the price, you're getting a lot here, so why not include wireless charging too? Well, wireless charging is expensive to add to any device. It's an extra, which can mean that the phone's RRP will have to reflect the increased build cost.

Since the A-series is dedicated to packing a punch at a lower price point, that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.

On top of that, wireless charging for many is actually a little slow in comparison to wired. Typically, you'll find wireless charging pads are under 10W, while wired can even reach upwards of 20W (and more in some cases).

Should you go for the Samsung Galaxy A33?

As always, it's completely up to you, but we'd say that thanks to the massive battery and fast charging capabilities, you won't miss wireless charging at all.

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Sure, some wireless chargers can look pretty good, especially if you're building out a more minimal setup, but you know what's even more minimal...

Not having one in the first place!

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