Do Chromebooks Have Windows? Here's What You Need To Know

Do Chromebooks Have Windows? Here's What You Need To Know

Do Chromebooks Have Windows? Here's What You Need To Know

Do Chromebooks have Windows? If you're weighing up the differences between laptops vs Chromebooks, it's a good question to ask...

Chromebooks have a number of differences which you can explore further in our laptop vs Chromebook breakdown, but here, we'll focus on the OS or operating system, so you know exactly what you're getting, plus, what type of usage works best with it.

Do Chromebooks Have Windows?

The short answer is, no, but there's a little bit more to it than that.

Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which is a Linux-based operating system. This is different to Apple's macOS and Windows.

How Is Chrome OS Different To Windows?

The main difference between Chrome OS and Windows is that the former is designed for lighter workloads that typically use browsers over hardware.

That means that if you're working on a Google Doc, for instance, a Chromebook will make short work of it. If you're building something in 3D, which requires a hefty graphics card, then Windows will typically be your best bet.

Here are some other pros of Chrome OS.

  • Easy to use, works like an Android Smartphone
  • Doesn't need much hardware support, making for a lighter laptop
  • Built-in virus protection
  • Regarded as safer, as the user base is smaller, which means fewer viruses made for Chrome OS

Can A Chromebook Run Windows?

Even though it would be highly advisable to go for a windows laptop instead, like any one of the best budget laptops on the market, there are some ways to get Windows on Chromebooks.

One way, as broken down by Android Authority, involves using the Chrome Remote Desktop tool, which allows you to control a computer from another device.

Again, you'll see shortly why you should just buy a Windows computer instead.

To use this, you'll actually need a Windows machine!

Does Chromebook Have Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Word on your Chromebook via Microsoft Office 365 web app. But, you can't install the desktop versions of Microsoft 365 or MS Office on a Chromebook.

Moreover, even though Chromebooks can run Android apps from the Google Play Store, the Android versions of Microsoft Office, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive are currently not supported on a Chromebook.

Are Chromebooks Good For Gaming?

Chromebooks are lightweight laptops designed for people who don't require a lot of power. They are great for students and light-duty users but they aren't good for gaming.

Low processing power and inadequate RAM make them unsuitable for serious gaming. However, you will be able to play some light games on a Chromebook, such as the ones available in the Google Play Store. You can even get Steam on your Chromebook.

If you're looking for a PC to play games on, you'll be better off with a desktop or a laptop with a discrete graphics card and 16GB of RAM.

Should You Get A Chromebook?

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and budget, but Chromebook does deliver the goods when it comes to affordability, portability, and performance for lightweight tasks.

Sure, if you're a designer, then you may want to head for a windows computer or something like a MacBook Pro, which has GPUs and huge amounts of RAM that can handle heavy workloads, but if you're using your Chromebook primarily to browse, shop, watch movies or travel with, then you're all good.

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