Best wireless keyboard 2023

A light grey wireless keyboard on a white desk featuring black keys.
Credit: Logitech

A light grey wireless keyboard on a white desk featuring black keys.
Credit: Logitech

The best wireless keyboard is the one that has all the features and functionality you could ever want with no wires.

There's just something wonderful about being able to fidget as you wander around typing, or just not having to worry about quite so much cable management.

While it can be tough to know whether the best keyboard for you will be wired or wireless, there are definite pros and cons to both. If you're someone with a bigger room, or you just hate wires, then a wireless option is usually better. If, however, you prefer slightly cheaper alternatives, and your room doesn't allow for much flexibility anyway, then a wired choice is the best.

If you've decided on getting one of the best wireless keyboards though, then thinking about a few different factors is important. You'll want to consider things like battery life, the size of the thing, and then extra features like media controls, the kind of keys it uses, and RGB lights if you want to double up and go for a wireless option that's also one of the best gaming keyboards around.

There are a lot of truly excellent options out there, so it can be hard to know which is the best wireless keyboard for you. We've gone ahead and whittled it down to a few options though, so that should make things much easier.

Best wireless keyboard

  1. ASUS ROG Claymore II
  2. Logitech MX Keys
  3. Keychron K2
  4. Logitech G915 Lightspeed
  5. Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini
  6. Logitech K380
ASUS ROG Claymore II product image of a black keyboard with multicoloured backlit keys.
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Credit: ASUS

1. ASUS ROG Claymore II

Best wireless keyboard for gaming

Switches: RX Blues/RX Reds
Backlighting: RGB
Battery Life: 43 Hours (Full RGB)/ 144 Hours (No Lighting)

For those wanting a brilliant wireless keyboard for gaming, look no further than the ASUS ROG Claymore II. You're getting a keyboard that's very well-built and looks fantastic here, especially with its suave metal shell. It also features a clever modular design that allows you to use it either as a classic full-size board or as a tenkeyless device by removing the number pad.

As for switches, the ASUS ROG Claymore II utilises ASUS' own optical RX Red or RX Blues for maximum speed, as well as giving you the choice of either a linear or tactile keypress. There's also RGB present, which is conveniently configurable with ASUS' Armoury Crate software. This means you can either choose from a range of presets or set colours on a key-per-key basis to suit your preferences.

USB-C charging is rather handy, too, and as for battery life, the ROG Claymore II can last up to 43 hours with lighting on, and 144 hours with it off, giving you plenty of playtime.

Included in the bundle is a handy wrist rest as well, which we'd say is one of the best wrist rests for gaming and can generally help to make the user experience even more comfortable. For gaming, then, this one really is a top pick.

Logitech MX Keys product image of a all-black and dark grey wireless keyboard.
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Credit: Logitech

2. Logitech MX Keys

Best wireless keyboard for office use

Switches: None (scissor-actuated membrane)
Backlighting: White
Battery Life: 10 Days (Full Backlighting)/ Up to 5 Months (No Backlighting)

The Logitech MX Keys is a grand choice if you're looking to cut the cord of your office peripherals. It features a snappy scissor-actuated keypress (similar to a laptop keyboard) which offers something light and quick to type on, with a shorter travel. The keycaps are also slightly indented for more comfortable typing, and you'll also be pleased to know it's also backlit, so handy for after-dark working.

You can also use the MX Keys on up to 3 devices at once, whether you're switching from Windows to Mac. Connectivity is achieved either via Bluetooth or Logitech's Unifying Receiver, thus making things easy to set up.

The latter option plugs into your PC via USB-A, and it means you can connect other supported peripherals, such as the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse (which is one of the best wireless mice, might we add) if you wish for an all-conquering desktop combo.

The design of the MX Keys looks modern too, with a slim grey outer shell making it fit into any home office nicely. With sharp looks to match its performance, it's helped along the way to being one of the best wireless keyboards for home working.

Keychron K2 product image of a dark grey and black keyboard with an orange ESC key.
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Credit: Keychron
Image Credit: Keychron

3. Keychron K2

Best wireless keyboard for Mac

Switches: Gateron Red/Gateron Brown/ Gateron Blue
Backlighting: White/Full RGB
Battery Life: 68 hours(Full Backlighting)/ 240 hours (No Backlighting)

If you're hunting for an inexpensive wireless mechanical keyboard that's also great for Mac, then the Keychron K2 is a great all-in-one package to consider that looks great with its two-tone grey and black colouring that should sit well in any gaming den or modern office.

You get a range of different Gateron switches here, ranging from Red to Blue and Brown, and if you wish, there's also a hot-swappable version of the board, so you can chuck in any switches of your choice with the right pins. The typing experience should feel pretty solid too, as should the ABS keycaps utilised here.

The Keychron K2 also gives you the ability to use it with either Windows or Mac at the flick of a switch, which is on the keyboard's left-hand side, and up to three devices at once.

It can also be a backlit keyboard depending on the model you get, with some featuring sharp single-colour white lighting, while others offer more of a classic gamer look with some RGB. A 4000mAh battery also ensures some good longevity, with the Keychron K2 lasting up to 68 hours with backlighting on and 240 hours with it off. Plenty of time to type then with this impressive wireless keyboard for Mac.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed product image of a black keyboard with multicoloured backlit keys and the Logitech logo lit up in light blue top left.
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Credit: Logitech

4. Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Best low-profile wireless keyboard

Switches: GL Linear/GL Clicky/GL Tactile
Backlighting: Full RGB
Battery Life: 12 days (Full Backlighting)/ 135 days (No Backlighting)

As highlighted in our Logitech G915 Lightspeed review, this device has marked itself out as one of the best gaming keyboards available today, although it also makes for one of the best low-profile wireless boards in general, too.

This is thanks to its shorter travel GL switches that offer a speedy typing experience that also feels responsive when gaming. You can get them in linear, tactile, or clicky forms, so there'll be something to suit everyone. In addition, it can connect either via Bluetooth or the bundled Lightspeed receiver, which has just 1ms of potential latency.

Its plastic construction is solid, and its metal top plate also helps to make the G915 Lightspeed sturdy as well as look great. Alongside the full-size layout, there are also some additional multimedia keys made of rubber that should offer good tactility, too.

RGB is present with this board and is configurable thanks to Logitech's clever G Hub software that's some of the best out there. As for battery life, with RGB on, you can expect. to get upwards of 135 days of usage (assuming 8 hours of usage per day), and 12 days with it fully on. As a result, you get plenty of time to type and game with this great low-profile bit of kit.

Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed product image of a small black tenkeyless keyboard with multicoloured backlit keys.
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Credit: Razer

5. Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed

Best compact wireless keyboard

Switches: Razer Green/Razer Yellow
Backlighting: Full RGB
Battery Life: 20 hours (Full Backlighting)/ 200 hours (No Backlighting)

The Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed is a great option for those who want a wireless keyboard that won't take up much space at their desk. This is thanks to its 65% layout that offers you the bare essentials for keys, with no num pad, nav cluster, or F keys. This can be particularly useful for space savers who want as much desk real estate as possible.

The Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed also looks great with Razer's signature sharp edges well-represented, and it should also feel pretty solid too, with its mostly plastic construction.

Inside you get a choice of Razer Green or Yellow Switches. The Greens are Razer's usual clicky switches with a force of 50cN, while the Yellows are more akin to CHERRY's MX Speed Silvers with a 45cN actuation force and a raided actuation point of 1.2mm as opposed to the usual 2mm. Both should offer a great typing experience or work well for gaming, particularly, in our opinion, the Yellows.

Connectivity is taken care of thanks to either Bluetooth 5.0 or Razer's 2.4Ghz Hyperspeed receiver, which should offer practically zero latency. As for battery life, the Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed is good to go for around 20 hours with full backlighting and up to 200 with no Chroma RGB goodness. The choice between the two though is entirely up to you!

Logitech K380 product image of a small black keyboard with three yellow function keys and round buttons.
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Credit: Logitech

6. Logitech K380

Best budget wireless keyboard

Switches: None (scissor-actuated membrane)
Backlighting: None
Battery Life: Up to 2 years

Finally, we come to the Logitech K380; a decent choice for those seeking out a budget-friendly, wireless bit of kit.

This isn't a mechanical keyboard. Instead, it uses lower profile scissor keys inside that should offer a snappy typing experience and one that feels similar to a good laptop keyboard.

It can also be paired with up to three wireless devices at once via Bluetooth and Logitech's clever Easy-Switch function allows for on-the-fly switching, making this a useful keyboard for those who use more than one device at once.

It also looks fantastic with grey and yellow colouring, and a compact 65%-style layout means it won't take up too much desk space either. You also get two years' battery life here, which should give you extra piece of mind when working or gaming on this thing, removing any worry of it dying at a crucial moment. Plenty to like then with our third choice from Logitech on this list.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Wireless keyboards often raise some common questions, but in this article, we've done our best to provide answers, helping you make an informed decision for your next upgrade

Is a wireless keyboard worth it?

We'd say that a wireless keyboard is worth it given the cleaner looks a cable-free connection can offer, and the convenience of having connectivity for multiple devices, if you're a power user. You also won't be losing out on performance given the latency-free wireless connections on offer these days, which is handy for gamers mostly, although it can also come in useful while working as well.

Perhaps the biggest upside to a wireless keyboard though is that owning one will seriously clear up desk space. A wireless device eliminates the need for long, tangling cables, creating a cleaner, more organised environment that can be moved around almost anywhere (providing it's within range) as there are no cords holding you back.

Is a wireless keyboard slower?

If you're talking in terms of latency, then a wireless keyboard may be marginally slower than its wired counterparts.

Of course, any wireless connection will have latency, but connectivity has come so far that the latency is in the fractions of milliseconds. So, to most normal folk, there should be no difference between a wired and a wireless keyboard.

Will a wireless keyboard work without the internet?

Yes, wireless peripherals tend not to operate over Wi-Fi, but instead via a bundled receiver or Bluetooth. Therefore, there's no need to worry about your keyboard being unusable when the Wi-Fi goes down.

Does a wireless keyboard need a mouse?

This is quite a subjective question. You can go out there and buy some great desktop sets that give you a wireless keyboard and mouse all in one, but if you've already got a good mouse, then getting a standalone keyboard makes more sense.

Wireless keyboards don't need mice, but whether you need to go out and get a new mouse is a purely personal decision.

What is a chiclet keyboard?

A chiclet keyboard is a keyboard that's designed to feature individual keys that are separated from each other by a small, uniform gap or border. These keys are typically square or rectangular in shape and have a flat, low-profile design. Chiclet keyboards often have keys that are slightly raised above the keyboard's surface and have a smooth, often slightly glossy finish.

Chiclet keyboards are commonly found on laptops and some desktop keyboards, especially those designed for compactness and style. They are known for their clean and modern appearance and are often associated with being thin and lightweight. Their design can vary though, so make sure you do your research if you intend to buy one.

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