Best vertical monitor 2023 - Our top picks

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If you're on the hunt for the best vertical monitor for your desk setup, we've done the groundwork to provide you with a comprehensive selection of our favourite products.

Despite seeing most monitors in landscape orientation, pretty much all of them will function when orientated into Portrait mode, but for specific uses, you may want to try and find a vertically specialised screen.

They can be used for anything, from coding to gaming on multiple screens and having an inventory up.

Your choice of vertical monitor should be based largely on your desired specifications, such as screen size and resolution, as well as if the monitor can be mounted vertically with the included stand.

Even if it can't, using a standard VESA stand can also enable verticality, but if you're looking to save on expenditure, having the option built-in will be important.

While having to splash out on a custom stand is not required, there are some great monitor arms out there, that will allow you to fully customise the tilt, height, and angle of your monitors.

If you are wanting to use multiple screens, you can always check out the best triple monitor stands as well.

We've put together a selection of the best vertical monitor options, based on specs, features, and general reviews, as well as making sure they can be turned vertically with their included stand. Let's get to it!

Best Vertical Monitors

Best specialised vertical monitor - LG 28MQ780-B DualUp

LG 28MQ780-B Vertical Monitor
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Credit: LG
Brand: LG | Resolution: 2560 x 2880 pixels | Screen Size: 28-inches | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Ports: DisplayPort, USB-C

While most monitors will require you to re-orientate an existing display panel, the LG 28MQ780-B DualUp comes specifically designed for the job.

The 16:18 aspect ratio differs heavily from the standard 16:9, and gives this monitor unique properties for creative working. Being able to divide the screen into two windows comes effortlessly, and allows for seamless multitasking.

An enhanced Ergo Stand allows full customisation as standard, and an Ambient Light Sensor automatically adjusts brightness depending on your surroundings, making the 28MQ780-B extremely user friendly.

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A SDQHD Nano IPS display will deliver great image quality, but this model is more concerned with maximising the specific qualities a Vertical Monitor desires, rather than appealing to a wider selection of roles, such as gaming.

If you find yourself after a purely Vertical Monitor then the LG 28MQ780-B DualUp will meet your every demand.

Best premium vertical monitor - Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung Odyssey Ark Vertical Monitor
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Credit: Samsung
Brand: Samsung | Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels | Screen Size: 55-inches | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Ports: USB-C

A true titan when it comes to top of the range monitors, the Samsung Odyssey Ark also excels when turned Vertically.

A 4k, 55 inch, 1000R curved screen is pretty much unrivalled, and while the extreme size may take some getting used to, you may eventually question how you ever coped with such 'tiny' screens beforehand...

The Odyssey Ark's Multi View feature allows you to view up to 4 screens simultaneously, allowing effortless transition between programs, which is excellent for creative programming and design.

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The Ark can also act as a Smart TV, with built-in YouTube and Samsung TV Plus apps, allowing to turn your PC setup into a home movie experience, thanks to sAGAR film and HDR10+.

Switching to Vertical means you will enter what Samsung call 'Cockpit Mode' with the Ambient Eclipse Lighting, an Quantum Matrix technology granting you a monitor that dwarfs its competitors both literally and figuratively...

Best all-round vertical monitor - ASUS ProArt Display PA328CV Professional Monitor

ASUS Pro Art Display PA328CGV Best Premium Vertical Monitor
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Credit: ASUS
Brand: ASUS | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels | Screen Size: 32 inches | Refresh Rate: 75Hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Ports: USB-C, DisplayPort

ASUS's best offering to the world of Vertical Monitors is the ProArt Display PA328CV, available in both 27 and 32 inch varieties.

With a Flicker-Free screen designed to compliment creative professionals, the display features fantastic colour vibrancy with its Calman Verified, industry-leading, colour accuracy of ∆E < 2.

This WQHD monitor comes with outstanding ergonomics, and can easily be flipped, tilted, or swivelled as standard. USB-C and DisplayPort connectivity allows you to easily connect the majority of your devices.

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FreeSync Premium Pro is great for adjusting the refresh rate, and with a VRR maximum of 165Hz, the ProArt will allow you to create fast-rendering games and conduct quality checks, all on one Ultra-Low Blue Light display.

Cheaper than more premium options, but delivering outstanding creative quality when compared with standard choices, the ASUS ProArt Display PA328CV really packs a punch.

Best budget vertical monitor - ASUS TUF VG27AQ

ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ Vertical Monitor
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Credit: ASUS
Brand: ASUS | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels | Screen Size: 27-inches | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Ports: HDMI

While most monitors can be easily converted into a Vertical orientation, the ASUS TUF VG27AQ handles it better than most, and for a reasonable cost.

Primarily known for making gaming monitors, the ASUS TUF models specialise is delivering high quality images at a competitive price point, rather than pushing the boundaries of graphical fidelity.

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The VG27AQ features a great response time of only 1ms, and a refresh rate of 155hz makes this monitor ideal for gaming. While you may not want to play games vertically, the more options you have at your disposal the better.

The HDR10 display enables a high dynamic range for colour and image quality, and for a great lower end option, look no further than this...

Best 4K vertical monitor - Acer Nitro XV282K

Acer Nitro XV282K Vertical Monitor
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Credit: Acer
Brand: Acer | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels | Screen Size: 28-inches | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Ports: HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort

An impressive offering from Acer, the Nitro XV282K features a stunning 4k resolution display, packed with features that just ooze quality.

Text will be crystal clear thanks to a WQHD screen, making the Nitro a strong option for coding or reading focused users, and it should handle intensive creative software or graphically demanding games, due to FreeSync Premium.

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A built-in USB Hub allows you to connect a plethora of devices, and HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity should mean the monitor is compatible with any console or device.

The gorgeous 28 inch IPS panel utilises an excellent colour gamut for lovely coverage of the Adobe RGB colour space, making the Acer Nitro XV282K also a great choice for photo editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a vertical monitor?

As with most hardware queries, it depends... Deciding to integrate a vertical monitor into your setup is generally only done for specific, niche reasons.

If you are writing large amounts of code or regularly reading high volumes of text, then you may wish to consider this option, as the vertical scrolling will aid you in assimilating larger amounts of information at once, especially if you are reading vertically.


Programmers in particular are the go-to market for vertical monitors, as horizontal width is much less important a feature than not needing to constantly scroll down in order to review their work.

Even with these requirements, their set-up will often include a horizontal second screen, and it is rare that you will find yourself only desiring the use of a vertical monitor.

If you are into gaming, you will probably always be needing a second, landscape orientated monitor to fully experience any immersive game.

How do I set up a vertical monitor?

When it comes to physically rotating the screen, try doing so gently, as you will probably discover a locking mechanism at the back of the monitor. Release the lock, and turn the monitor accordingly before relocking.

However, even with its new orientation, the monitor will continue to show its display at its previous angle, meaning you will have to delve into your computer's settings to fix it.

Right click an empty section of your desktop and select Display Settings. You then will need to navigate to the Orientation section, and change the Landscape option to Portrait.

For Mac users, head to System Preferences from the Apple menu, and select Displays. Then click on the Rotation section and choose 90 degrees from the dropdown options.

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