Best tablet wall mount 2023 - Our top picks

There are plenty of reasons you'd want to find the best tablet wall mount, so we've curated a list to make that job easier for you.

If you're looking to keep your walls pristine, worry no more; only some tablets require screws that you have to drill, while others achieve their mounting through less invasive methods like adhesive tape. This list has examples of both, so you'll be able to find the mount that is best suited to you.

If you're getting a wall mount alongside a new tablet, it might be worth grabbing one of the best rugged tablet cases too, just to make sure your device stays protected.

Some of these tablet mounts are designed for business use, and as such, have features that restrict the removal of the tablet without the use of a key. But others are so easy that you can just slip them in and out of their bracket.

It's worth noting, though, that if it's comfort you're going for, i.e. relaxing in bed and watching movies on your iPad, we'd recommend checking out some of the best tablet stands for bed instead...

But if you're here to adorn your walls, you've come to the right place. Let's dive into what we think are some of the best tablet wall mounts on the market today.

Best tablet wall mount

Best all round tablet wall mount - AboveTek Tablet Wall Mount

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Credit: Amazon

AboveTek has a super sleek design that appears to have solid build quality via its heavy-duty aluminium bracket and metal base, meaning that you're probably not going to have to switch this mount out any time soon.

The AboveTek tablet wall mount is useful for both home use and business use with a simple lock that keeps the tablet in place via its corners. This corner-focused design keeps it very minimal, so it's very easy to keep your tablet charged.

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Each of the corners has protective rubber pads to keep your tablet from getting scratched and can hold tablets between 7.9-11.6 inches.

The arm of the mount also supports 360-degree rotation, as well as a lever arm that allows you to adjust orientation.

If you're looking for a simple, sturdy design which is useful in many contexts, this AboveTek product provides great value.

Best sturdy tablet wall mount - Tackform Industrial Metal Drill Base Tablet Mount

best tablet wall mount tackform industrial drill base wall mount
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Credit: Amazon

This Tackform Industrial Tablet Wall Mount sports a robust lever arm with three separate knobs for tightening, creating a product that can keep your tablet exactly where you want it, whilst being built to last.

Each end of the arm sports an aluminium ball socket, so you can have omnidirectional manoeuvrability at either end, ensuring that you have plenty of freedom to set your tablet up however you want.

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The design is entirely aluminium and can hold tablets with a width between 6.25 and 10.5 inches and screen sizes between 8.9 and 18.4 inches. Tackform even claims that the deep grips allow the mount to hold a Nintendo Switch if the need ever arose.

The mount was designed with truckers in mind, so the device is ELD compliant, and can be drilled into trucks, and possibly other vehicles. Because of this, the wall mount is also tested for its durability in the face of extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration.

Best adjustable tablet wall mount - Dragon Slay 2 in 1 Kitchen Mount

best tablet wall mount dragon slay 2-in-1
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Credit: Amazon

The Dragon Slay 2 in 1 is a super versatile mount because it's designed for both desk use and wall use, so you can find out the perfect spots to use your tablet and be sure that the Dragon Slay 2 in 1 is gonna fit right in.

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The wall mount also has 360-degree adjustability and 3 separate pivot points, alongside a rotating ball joint, so you're never going to struggle with finding a good angle for your tablet; no more charging cables coming in at awkward angles.

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The gripper uses curved silicone to keep your tablet in place and is suitable for tablets between 13.4-19cm in width. Additionally, it comes with screws and 3m of double-sided sticky tape.

Best anti-theft wall mount -TABcare Security Anti-Theft Acrylic VESA Enclosure

best tablet wall mount TABcare Security VESA enclosure
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Credit: Amazon

The TABcare Security Anti-Theft Acrylic VESA Enclosure is very much a specialist wall mount, mostly suitable for businesses that want to make sure there's no way anyone could grab it and run!

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This enclosure works for both portrait and landscape views and despite the heavy security, it still allows access to all buttons and I/O ports, so that security doesn't have to come at the cost of convenience.

Though the enclosure is designed for Amazon tablets if a tablet is of very similar dimensions to the Fire tablets listed in its description, it's likely to be compatible.

Best minimal tablet wall mount - Dockem Koala Tablet Wall Mount

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Credit: Amazon

Our final pick for the list is a budget friendly, simple solution; two independent brackets that can be placed at any distance from each other.

As that would suggest, pretty much any tablet, and even some laptops (below 2.25kg) can be mounted to the wall using the Dockem Koala Tablet Wall Mount. The wall mount achieves this through the use of adhesive strips so that it can stick to a wall without needing to damage it.

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It's worth noting that small tablets might struggle with having their ports blocked, but this problem is largely absent for larger models.

All-in-all this simple wall mount makes for an extremely effective, minimalist solution to the problem of holding a tablet up, and it does that at an incredibly competitive price.

So there you have it, our list of what we think are some of the best tablet wall mounts on the market today.

Be sure to check back in with us soon, and if you're on the hunt for a new tablet that won't break the bank, take a look at our best tablets for under 100 buying guide.

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