Best tablet car mount 2023

A tablet with Simpsons on the display mounted between two brown leather car seats.
Credit: woleyi

A tablet with Simpsons on the display mounted between two brown leather car seats.
Credit: woleyi

The best tablet car mount can be a huge help if you've got kids to entertain in the back, or any passengers for that matter on long journeys.

Manufacturers have gotten creative with ways to mount a tablet, from a standard suction cup on the windscreen to mounts that need nothing more than a cupholder. Moreover, most mounts nowadays have some form of anti-vibration solution, so if you're planning on watching a film, you shouldn't have to worry about the screen shaking detail into a blur.

If you've ever owned a tablet wall mount, then you know how convenient it can be to use your tablet without having to actually hold it, and when it comes to driving, there are some obvious safety reasons why that's preferable.

Therefore, we've selected the best tablet car mounts with variety and budget in mind, alongside looking closely at general reviews and any other features we thought made them stand out from the crowd to help you buy one with confidence. Let's not waste time and just get into it...

Best tablet car mounts

  1. APPS2CAR Tablet Car Mount
  2. eSamcore Dashboard Tablet Holder
  3. Lamicall Seat Headrest Tablet Stand
  4. Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder
  5. Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount
An extendable black mount attached to an iPad.
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Credit: APPS2CAR

1. APPS2CAR Tablet Car Mount

Best windscreen tablet car mount

The APPS2CAR Tablet Car Mount fills the niche of windscreen mount and achieves this through an anti-vibration suction cup which can be easily attached to the glass.

The suction cup is attached to a 13" long flexible gooseneck which connects via a ball joint, granting 360-degree movement, so you can have the screen in whichever position suits you best.

The suction cup works through a gel which can easily be cleaned by rinsing it in water and letting it air dry, so you don't have to worry about losing suction power because of dust.

The mount is designed for tablets, but is compatible with any device between 4.7-11", so you should be pretty free to play around with different devices.

A black and cleat tablet mount attached to a dashboard.
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Credit: eSamcore

2. eSamcore Dashboard Tablet Holder

Best dashboard tablet car mount

The eSamcore Dashboard Tablet Holder is another suction-based mount, but this time it connects to the dash with an arm that looks pretty heavy-duty.

This mount's range of compatibility is between 6-11", so it will include both tablets and some larger phones.

The joint closest to the tablet has a 360-degree range of motion so you can rotate the device however you want, and the arm has 140 degrees of freedom, allowing you to raise and lower it to suit your needs.

Since this is a rigid arm, you get less flexibility, but in return, you get more security. This mount includes a 3-step lock system so that your tablet holder is going to stay firmly in place, no need to worry about a cracked screen from a tumble on a bumpy road.

A black adjustable headrest tablet mount.
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Credit: Lamicall

3. Lamicall Seat Headrest Tablet Stand

Best car seat tablet car mount

The Lamicall Seat Headrest Tablet Stand gives away its secret in the name; through its expandable leg with soft rubber pads, it can grip onto the small bars of a headset to stay firmly in place.

These soft rubber pads aren't just for grip, they help to stop abrasion and even reduce vibration, for a better viewing experience.

As for compatibility, this tablet stand requires metal headrest rods between 2.8-5.9 inches, which most cars have, but there are a few outliers, so it's worth checking.

It comes with a huge range of 4.7-13" of mobile device compatibility, so you'll be able to fit the vast majority of devices on the market. It's also really easy to attach and remove via its sliding clamp arms; there's a video of the process on its product page.

As long as you have a couple of suitable headrest rods, this mount should be a breeze.

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A silver and black mount with a tablet attached between two seats.
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Credit: Macally

4. Macally Car Headrest Mount

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Best shared tablet car mount

The Macally Car Headrest Mount is, as the name suggests, another tablet mount attached to a headrest, but it comes with the added utility of its long arm, which allows the tablet to be placed centrally.

Its ability for central placement makes it extremely suitable for families because all the kids will be able to use the tablet easily, so they won't be tempted to get into uncomfortable or unsafe sitting positions.

It fits headrests which have rods between 2-7.25 inches of width, and devices that are 4-10" wide, so you could even mount a Nintendo Switch, to play games as a group.

The headrest with its plastic and aluminium construction, alongside variability in placement and 360-degree rotation, makes for a great family-focused tablet mount.

A black extendable tablet holder with a white iPad attached.
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Credit: Cellet

5. Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount

Best cup holder tablet car mount

The Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount enters the market with a creative solution to the problem of car mounting, and all it takes is a free cup holder.

This easily-mounted tablet holder can slot into cup holders between 2.86-3.47" inches, to support its ABS and Polycarbonate arm, which has a max extension of 13.5".

Most of the tablets on the list are suitable for entertainment purposes, but this mount seems to specialise in driver-oriented utility, being close at hand whilst not interfering with the view of the road.

This mount uses 3 points of contact to keep your device stable and can support up to 9.5" in width. It sports soft holding grips, 360-degree rotation and a quick-release button, so it can be both protective and convenient.

If you're looking for a simple solution to keep a tablet in place whilst driving, the Cellet cup Holder Tablet Mount may be able to help you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions about tablet mounts to help you purchase with confidence.

How do you mount a tablet on a car dashboard?

The most common way to mount a tablet onto the dashboard is via a suction cup stand, like the eSamcore Dashboard Tablet Holder. But our other picks show that you're not restricted to only mounting a tablet to the dashboard, you can use the windscreen, cup holder and headrest too.

How do I turn my iPad into a dash cam?

It's actually really easy to set up your iPad (and Android tablets) as a dash cam, all you need is a windscreen or dashboard mount, like the APPS2CAR Tablet Car Mount, and a suitable app, of which there are plenty on both the App Store and the Play Store.

Alternatively, you can invest in one of the best dash cams if your tablet isn't quite what you're looking for.

Can I turn my tablet into a radio without WiFi?

Yes, you can, but only on Android tablets with AM/FM receivers. Unfortunately for Apple users, iPads don't come with AM/FM receivers, so you'd have to use the internet to tune in.

For Android users, all you need to do is download a radio app like NextRadio, and you can tune in to local radio in real-time.

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