Best Espresso Machine Under 500 2022: Our Top Picks

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If you're looking for the best espresso machine for under 500 pounds or dollars, we've got you covered right here.

For coffee lovers, being able to make the perfect brew at home can be a dream come true, but with so much choice out there it can be a little tricky finding the right espresso machine for you.

Whether you're simply wanting to have access to quick, easy-to-make great tasting coffee or brush up on your barista skills, finding the right machine is essential.


The best espresso machines will produce rich, well-bodied excellent tasting coffee and offer various other functions such as a steam wand or an automatic grinder.

500 dollars or so is a great mid-range price bracket for grabbing yourself a high-quality espresso machine that produces superb tasting coffee without breaking the bank.

With these things in mind, we've looked closely at specs, reviews and any additional features to bring you this list of our top picks.

So, without further ado, here are our choices for the best espresso machines for under 500.

Best Espresso Machine Under 500

  • Calphalon Espresso Machine
  • Tchibo Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
  • The Bambino By Sage
  • Gaggia Carezza Deluxe
  • Breville Bambino Plus

Best Espresso Machine Under 500 Largest Capacity - Calphalon Espresso Machine

Calphalon Espresso Machine
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Credit: Calphalon
Brand: Calphalon | Dimensions: 13.9 x 11.6 x 15.3 inches | Water Capacity: 2 Litres | Material: Stainless Steel | Steam Wand: Yes

If you're looking for a top Espresso machine for under 500 that offers a large capacity, this model from Calphalon could be for you.


This machine features a 15-bar pump which should deliver the optimal pressure for extracting flavour.

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The Thermoblock technology present here continually measures the temperature and helps to ensure consistent heat.

If you're sharing a house with other coffee enthusiasts and don't want the hassle of having to continually change the water, with a 2-litre capacity this is a solid option.

The Calphalon espresso machine even includes a cup warming tray to keep your coffee warm while preparing.

Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under 500 - Tchibo Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine
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Credit: Tchibo
Brand: Tchibo | Dimensions: 15.7 x 7.1 x 12.4 inches | Water Capacity: 1 Litre | Steam Wand: No

If you're after a fully automatic Espresso machine, this device from Tchibo could be the best option for you.


This machine is able to produce coffee from 'bean-to-brew' which eliminates the need for pods and helps to reduce wastage.

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It also makes it incredibly easy to use, simply pour in the beans and hit play thanks to the in-built automatic grinder.

The Tchibo automatic espresso machine is extremely compact with dimensions of 15.7 x 7.1 x 12.4 inches allowing you to save space in your kitchen.

If you're not interested in becoming a full-time barista or coffee expert and want a super easy solution for making your morning espresso, this could be the choice for you.

Best Easy-To-Use Espresso Machine Under 500 - The Bambino By Sage

Bambino by Sage espresso machine
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Credit: Sage
Brand: Sage | Dimensions: 45 x 41.4 x 24 cm | Water Capacity: 1.4 Litre | Material: Stainless Steel | Steam Wand: Yes

The Bambino by Sage should not only produce brilliant tasting coffee but is also incredibly easy to use.


The 54mm portafilter helps to deliver full flavour with both dual and single-wall filter options available.

The machine features a simple interface with convenient controls for choosing between 1 or 2 shots of espresso, as well as steam and hot water options.

Plus, you're also getting a stainless steel milk jug and steam wand for manual milk texturing, allowing you to brush up on your barista skills and learn to create the perfect brew.

The brushed stainless steel finish on the Bambino by Sage also looks first-rate if you ask us.

Best Espresso Machine Under 500 For Design - Gaggia Carezza Deluxe

Gaggia Carezza Espresso Machine
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Credit: Gaggia
Brand: Gaggia | Dimensions: 12.75 x 12.5 x 11 inches | Water Capacity: 1.4 Litres | Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic | Steam Wand: Yes

If you're looking for a standout espresso machine that not only makes great coffee but also features the classic Italian design, the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe is worth checking out.


Not only does this machine look great, but should also deliver the goods when it comes to making coffee thanks to features such as the steam wand, allowing to you create lattes, cappuccinos and much more.

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This machine is not fully automatic which means you're also able to brew as much or as little coffee as you like, as you have to manually start and stop the brewing process.

If you're looking for a classic Italian design and great coffee, the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe is well worth considering.

Best All-Round Espresso Machine Under 500 - Breville Bambino Plus

Breville Bambino Plus
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Credit: Breville
Brand: Breville | Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.6 x 12.2 inches | Water Capacity: 1.89 Litres | Material: Stainless Steel | Steam Wand: Yes

Another standout espresso machine for under 500 pounds or dollars is the Breville Bambino Plus.


First off, this machine boasts an incredibly short heat-up time of just 3 seconds, so if you're in a rush for your morning fix, you won't have to wait around.

The steam wand also automatically froths milk to your liking, allowing you to adjust both the temperature and texture of the milk.

The Breville Bambino Plus is also extremely compact and great for saving space on your kitchen workout without having to compromise on excellent-tasting coffee.

Are Espresso Machines Worth It?

If you're a coffee-lover, full-time java enthusiast or regular cafe attendee then grabbing yourself an espresso machine could be worthwhile.

First off, while an individual coffee is obviously much less expensive than an espresso machine if you're regularly buying coffee this can quickly add up.

And given that the choices on our list above our for under $500, over the years you should easily have saved money by buying yourself a machine.


Another factor to consider is, of course, simply being able to have access to high-quality barista-style coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, you can always have the best of both worlds, enjoy great-tasting coffee at home or if you fancy popping to socialise at your local cafe, do so as well.

Ultimately, whether or not an espresso machine is worth it comes down to your individual circumstances, but if you're a true coffee fanatic, we'd say go for it.

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