Best ice maker machine 2023 - Our top picks

Grabbing one of the best ice maker machines will be a very useful purchase if you want to make your own ice in a hassle-free way.

As opposed to using the best ice packs for coolers, making your own ice provides you with more versatility and control over the quantity and variety of ice you want to make - whether it's cubes, clear ice, or any of the huge variety of ice cube styles out there.

With an ice maker, you'll want to note the capacity of the machine so you know the total amount of ice you'll be able to make, as well as the rate at which the machine can produce it.

Generally speaking, ice machines can push ice out at a rate of 20-30lbs a day, which provides around 10-15kg of ice to use.

Moreover, you'll also want to take note of the actual size of the machine. Many ice machines are quite large, so you will need a bigger countertop to place it on, although some can be more compact.

In addition, some machines can come with creature comforts, such as smart assistant support or integrated water tank, if that's something you need.

We've taken a look at what's available on the market today, aligned them with what we think makes a brilliant ice maker machine, and selected a number of options based on everything from specs to general reviews.

So, let’s get to it – here are some recommendations for the best ice maker machine out there today.

Best Ice Maker Machine

Best All-Round Ice Maker Machine - Luna Comfort Clear Ice Maker

best ice maker machine all-rounder
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Credit: Luna
Dimensions: 11.13 x 14.25 x 13.88 inches | Output: 28lbs per day | Weight: 25.3 pounds

The Luna Comfort Clear Ice Maker looks to be an excellent all-round option for those wanting a handy ice-making machine.

With it, you'll be getting a 10-cup water capacity, which should offer some consistent output of high-quality clear ice, especially with ice looking to be created every 15 minutes.

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In addition, the Luna Comfort Clear Ice Maker also features a relatively compact design that means you'll be able to place it anywhere, be it in a kitchen or campsite, provided you have access to an outlet of course.

There are also convenient creature comforts in the form of push-button controls and an LED display, as well as an alert to let you know when the ice maker is full, or the water level is low.

Best Compact Ice Maker Machine - AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine

best ice maker machine compact
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Dimensions: 12.3 x 8.7 x 12.6 inches | Output: 26lbs per day | Weight: 16.8 pounds

If it's more of a compact ice maker you're after, the AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine should be a fantastic option.

It looks to only be a handful of inches wide at 8.7, and is relatively square at just over a foot deep and tall, meaning you should be able to place it in a variety of settings without it taking up too much space.

In addition, the AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine also looks to be rather capable with a quoted output of 26lbs of ice in 24 hours, and 9 ice cubes in as many minutes. In addition, as the ice is used, this machine can make more of it, which is handy.

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You'll also find that this ice machine shouldn't make too much noise, even under full load, so you'll be able to make ice in peace.

Best Budget Ice Maker Machine - Silonn Countertop Ice Maker

best ice maker machine budget
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Credit: Silonn
Dimensions: 12.3 x 8.7 x 12.5 inches | Output: 27lbs per day | Weight: 15 pounds

The Silonn Countertop Ice Maker looks to be a fantastic budget option for an ice maker machine.

It has a quoted output of 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours, and takes 6 minutes to make 9 ice cubes, so you'll have ice available in no time at all.

Handily, the Silonn Countertop Ice Maker looks to be convenient to control with a pretty much one-touch operation, as well as providing the opportunity to make two different sizes of ice cubes, and it's also got a useful self-cleaning function.

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In addition, this ice maker looks to be quite quiet with a quoted noise level of less than 35dB, which is similar to that of a fridge.

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Best Nugget Ice Maker Machine - GE Opal 2.0

best ice maker machine nugget
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Credit: GE
Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.43 x 16.5 inches | Output: 24lbs per day | Weight: 38 pounds

If you're specifically after nugget ice, then the GE Opal 2.0 should be an especially capable option for it.

You'll find a decent capacity here, with this machine being able to hold up to 48 ounces of ice at a time, alongside the ability to begin creating ice in 20 minutes or less and a total output of 24lbs of ice per day.

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The GE Opal 2.0 also comes with a built-in water tank, that saves filling it up every time you want to make new ice, and allows you to make three times more ice than if you did it in separate sittings.

There's also smart assistant support present, so you can control your ice maker with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as a bundled app that provides access to all sorts of clever functions, such as allowing you to schedule when you'd like your ice to be made.

Best Bullet Ice Maker Machine - Frigidaire EFIC103 26-Pound Freestanding Ice Maker

best ice maker machine bullet
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Credit: Frigidaire
Dimensions: 14.44 x 11.69 x 14.88 inches | Output: 26lbs per day | Weight: 24.03 pounds

The Frigidaire EFIC103 26-Pound Freestanding Ice Maker should be a rather handy choice if you're wanting to make bullet ice.

Bullet ice is more cylindrical than nugget ice and should work especially well in drinks. This particular machine looks to make thick bullet ice and is quoted to churn out 26lbs per day, giving you loads to use.

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In addition, the Frigidaire EFIC103 26-Pound Freestanding Ice Maker offers the chance to make ice cubes in two sizes and features a digital control panel that alerts you when the machine needs filling.

There's also an automatic self-cleaning function that looks to keep maintenance simple and easy. Frigidaire says this machine will take 30 minutes to clean, which should mean it's pretty thorough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ice makers worth it?

We'd say that ice makers are worth it, given the extra control on offer compared to more standard ice packs. You not only get the choice of what ice you make, but also the desired quantity, whereas with ice packs, you won't receive the same level of versatility.

Do you leave ice makers on all the time?

In short, yes. If you'd like to have ice available consistently, then you'll need to keep the machine plugged in all the time. If they're powered off, depending on the model, the water may drain away as the ice melts, and you'll be left with virtually nothing to use. Assuming that you're frequently using ice, it's a lot more energy efficient to let your ice maker get to freezing temperature and keep it there, rather than repeatedly have it cool down whenever you want ice.

How big of an ice maker do I need?

This will depend on a few things. First of all, you should consider what you need out of an ice maker. If you're only going to be using it for personal use, then you may be able to get away with using a smaller machine than for commercial use.

In addition, if you've only got a small amount of countertop space, you may want to consider getting a smaller ice maker so you've still got space left in your kitchen.

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