Best budget wake-up light 2023 - Our top picks

If you're looking for the best budget wake-up light to help you get out of bed and feel refreshed in the darker months, you've come to the right place.

Sleep is getting a lot of attention recently and rightly so. In fact, some experts even believe that sleep is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of our lives.

Lately, though, there has been quite a bit of discussion about the best way to wake up. Do you set an alarm, do you simply launch yourself out of bed the second it goes off, or do you wake up to music or a change in room temperature...

The list goes on, but some believe that natural light is the best way to go. But what does that mean for those who can't wake up when the sun rises or when it's such a cloudy morning it stays dark outside? Enter the wake-up light.

These devices simulate the sun rising to gradually ease you out of sleep, the result being potentially less stressful on the body and even a little easier to get up.

Some even have some extra bells and whistles, like RGB lights and ambient natural noises, alongside Bluetooth and Smart App connectivity.

We've done the hard work for you, and compiled our selection of the best budget wake-up lights, based on specs, features, and general reviews, so without further ado, let's get into it.

Best budget wake-up light

Best Budget Radial Wake-Up Light - Philips HF3505 Wake-up Light

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Credit: Amazon

Philips is a well-respected brand, so it's not surprising that its entry into the wake-up light market has given consumers a great all-round choice.

The Philips HF3505 comes with a balanced radial design, unlike most competitors, which grants it an easy-access collection of buttons that make it super simple to control. A tap on the top is all it takes to set the alarm to snooze a little longer.

The light cycle begins 30 minutes before the set alarm time and slowly makes its way through its 10 levels of brightness, to a maximum of 200 Lux. This wake-up cycle can be accompanied by two natural bird song options or FM radio.

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If you like to wind down with a book before you sleep, you can also use the Phillips HF305 as a bedside lamp that shouldn't keep you awake because its matted surface gives a soft glow.

Best Budget X Wake-up Light - Kairiow Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Credit: Amazon

Featuring multiple unique alarm sounds, the Kairiow Sunrise can be connected to FM Radio, and includes 20 levels of brightness to help you find your perfect light level.

The Sunrise incorporates independent weekend, workday, and full 7 day modes, allowing you to fully customise your wake-up patterns, depending on your current lifestyle, as well as looking pleasant with a rustic wooden backboard.

The Fading Sunset setting will help you wind-down gradually, thanks to a slowly fading 120 minute sunset light, meaning the Kairiow Sunrise is perfect both for waking-up and going to sleep.

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Sleep Timer & Sound Machine 7 sounds help you arise gradually, and this really delivers a level of customisation that other models struggle to compete with, so if you're after a personalised experience, you can't go wrong.

Best Budget RGB Wake-up Light - WHATOOK Aurora Light

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Credit: Aurora

For a varied option, The WHATOOK Aurora Light can provide you with highly customisable colours and patterns, meaning its more than just a simple one shade wake-up light.

The LED Projector allows for vibrant colour display, making the Aurora fantastic for parties or children's rooms, and makes the light a great addition to your interior decoration, illuminating any room to your desired colour palette.

Built-in Bluetooth allows full control from the comfort of your phone, which can also be used to play music, project starry sky lighting, and set timers for automatic shut-off and dimming.

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8 varieties of White Noise emissions help aid you in falling asleep, and when it comes to getting the best colour variety and multi-purpose use, the Aurora Light is going to be great contender.

Best Cheap Wake-Up Light - Totofac Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Credit: Totofac

Being a relatively simple piece of tech, a wake-up light can be found for a very affordable price, and the Totofac Sunrise delivers all the aspects you're after, but won't break the bank in the process.

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The ability to be able to set 2 different alarm times can be great, and 6 sound varieties with 7-level volume adjustment aims to wake you up with more natural emissions such as bird calls or gentle wave lapping.

Coming in at only £25, the Totofac is cheap and cheerful, with 3 colour modes of RGB, Warm White and Cool White, and is powerful enough to act as a reading or interior light. A high value purchase if you ask us!

Best Budget Bluetooth Wake-Up Light - EDUP IN Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Credit: Amazon

Remotely operating your wake-up light is an often looked for feature, and the light of the EDUP IN Sunrise can not only be controlled via your phone, but it can also be told to play music and radio.

7 separate colour variants help to create a warm atmosphere, and soothing alarm music such as piano or birdsong prevent any sudden wake-ups.

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A specialisation in sunset light helps with falling asleep too, with a self dimming feature so can lull yourself to sleep with the combination of soft light and soothing sound.

An Anti-Slip design and 1.9 pound weight also means you will be hard pressed to knock the EDUP In Sunrise off your bedside table, so feel free to flail around hitting the snooze button!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sunrise Alarms worth it?

Sunrise alarms are more than just a gimmick; your quality of sleep is associated with your Circadian rhythm, and studies show that waking up through light rather than sound can improve your mood and energy through the use of artificial light-dark cycles.

What colour wakes you up in the morning?

Any light can wake you up in the morning, but it seems that the infamous blue light has the strongest effect on the circadian rhythm. For this same reason, blue light can also be the culprit in struggling to get to sleep, which is why it's common advice to avoid blue-lit screens before you go to bed.

Still, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should always choose a blue light for waking. If you have a light that has RGB capabilities, we'd recommend experimenting to find which colour feels best to you.

You can find out more about the effects of different colours on the circadian rhythm here.

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