Best smart fan 2023 - Our top picks to keep you cool

If you're looking for the best smart fan, we've got you covered right here.

Smart fans can offer you more features than standard options like the best USB fans by adding smart features such as app control and integration alongside convenient voice assistants.

Many of the best smart fans will offer extensive features, such as various operation modes, including some specifically designed for sleep or high-power airflow. In addition, they may also be able to integrate with other devices within a manufacturer's ecosystem, such as a thermometer.

As with any normal fan, you'll also want to take a look at the type of fan you'd like and the space it needs to fill. For larger spaces, a floor-standing pedestal option will typically be better than trying to use a smaller desk fan.

We've taken a look at what's available on the market today, aligned them with what we think makes a brilliant smart fan, and selected a number of options based on everything from specs to reviews.

So, let’s get to it – here are some recommendations for the best smart fan out there today.

Best Smart Fan

Best Premium Smart Fan - Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

best smart fan premium
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Credit: Dyson
Brand: Dyson | No. Of Speeds: 10 | App Control: Yes | Weight: 5.7kg

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool looks to be an excellent choice for those after a premium option for a smart fan.

With it, you'll be getting the benefits of app control with the Dyson Link App, that can allow you to both control the fan remotely and even set timers as to when it's going to turn on or off.

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The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool also features oodles of clever tech packed into it, with a variety of preset modes, including a diffuse mode for wider circulation and a night mode for quieter operation. You also get 350 degrees of oscillation.

This device isn't just a fan either, it's also a heater and air purifier, so you'll be getting three devices for the price of one.

Best Smart Desk Fan - Govee Smart Table Fan

best smart fan desk
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Credit: Govee
Brand: Govee | No. Of Speeds: 8 | App Control: Yes | Weight: 2.6kg

The Govee Smart Table Fan looks like a brilliant choice for those wanting a desk fan with a whole lot of smart features.

You'll be able to connect it to the Govee Home App and receive access e a wide range of functions including an Auto Mode, as well as utilising hands-free operation thanks to integration with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa

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The Govee Smart Table Fan also has a total of 8 wind speeds to choose from and features a specific mode for comfortable sleeping that can lower the fan's noise level down to 33dB, as well as putting it on a 24-hour timer.

You can even integrate this fan with a Govee Hygrometer Thermometer that can change the fan's wind speed based on the ambient temperature within your room, which is especially clever.

Best Smart Tower Fan - Princess Smart Heating & Cooling Tower

best smart fan tower
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Credit: Princess
Brand: Princess | No. Of Speeds: 10 | App Control: Yes | Weight: 3.5kg

For those wanting a clever tower fan, the Princess Smart Heating & Cooling Tower looks like a great option.

This too can work via app control, specifically thanks to the HomeWizard Climate App that can allow you to control the fan over Wi-Fi, as well as set up schedules and voice commands for Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant for true hands-free operation.

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In addition, the Princess Smart Heating & Cooling Tower works as either a fan or a heater and comes with a built-in thermostat for setting a target temperature to stick to, as well as offering a myriad of settings for heat and fan - 4 for heating, and 10 fan options, to be precise.

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At just over a metre tall, this is quite a large tower fan but looks great with a bladeless design that allows it to be slim, and a colour choice of either black or white should mean it'll look great wherever you happen to place it.

Best Smart Pedestal Fan - AirGo Smart Fan

best smart fan pedestal
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Credit: AirGo
Brand: AirGo | No. Of Speeds: 3 | App Control: Yes | Weight: 5.6kg

The AirGo Smart Fan is a handy choice for those wanting the powers of smart capabilities wrapped up within a more traditional pedestal fan.

This has actually been accredited by Quiet Mark as one of the quietest fans available today, so should be a handy choice for powerful airflow without the loud volume that fans traditionally have.

In addition, the AirGo Smart Fan allows for app control via the GeoSmartPro app that can allow you to connect it up to voice assistants and automate operations - for instance, you can set a target temperature, and if the fan senses the room has heated above it, it'll turn on.

This fan also has a fair few different airflow modes on offer, and with 55W of output, should also be rather powerful indeed.

Best Wireless Smart Fan - Duux Whisper Flex

best smart fan wireless
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Credit: Duux
Brand: Duux | No. Of Speeds: 26 | App Control: Yes | Weight: 6.3kg

The Duux Whisper Flex looks to be an excellent smart fan for those also after the convenience of a cable-free connection.

App control is available with the Duux app that can work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free operation, and there's also an integrated LCD display for especially key information to be shown.

The Duux Whisper Flex also brings with it 18 hours total of battery life, which means you'll be able to have it on for most of the day and not need to charge this fan back up.

In addition, you can also adjust its height from 51cm to 88cm, giving you the benefits of both a table and a floor fan in one, which makes this especially versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are smart fans?

In short, a smart fan is a fan that can be connected to a smart home system and offers control via both smart systems such as voice assistants and manufacturer-specific apps.

Are smart fans worth it?

We'd say that smart fans are worth it, given the convenience they offer compared to more standard fans with app control and integration with voice assistants and the potential to be used with other smart home systems.

How do I turn my fan into a smart fan?

It is possible to turn your existing fan into a smart fan by plugging it into a smart plug that has voice assistant support built in, for instance, although it may be easier to get a smart fan such as the ones we've listed above, given the extensive features they offer.

Are bladeless fans better?

Although bladeless fans tend to be more expensive, they can come with many benefits, such as being less dangerous, more energy efficient and quieter.

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