This Grogu robot is the most impressive Baby Yoda merch ever created

The Mandalorian is Disney+‘s biggest success, with Grogu aka “Baby Yoda” taking the world by storm. The little critter has proven to be quite the merch seller for LucasFilm due to his popularity in The Mandalorian and EFX may have just given fans the best piece of merchandise yet; an animatronic Grogu.

Everyone can own “The Child” now?

Norman Chan from Adam Savage’s Tested was able to speak with EFX Collectibles (transcribed by Gizmodo) about this new Grogu animatronic that has Star Wars fans everywhere giddy. It turns out that EFX teamed up with Legacy Effects to make this Grogu animatronic as realistic as possible, as the studio was responsible for making the original “Baby Yoda” puppet for the show.

Legacy Effects lent EFX everything they could to make sure that the Grogu animatronic was as realistic as possible, sharing the patterns for The Child’s body parts, fabric for his clothes, and so much more. Considering all the effort to bring Grogu to life, we think it’s fair to say that The Mandalorian has peaked in merchandise and will never be topped as a result.

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How lifelike do you want your Grogu to be?

Since the animatronic Grogu is a product meant to be sold to Star Wars fans, EFX has two versions to sell to collectors, one more lifelike than the other. Most collectors will want the “basic” Grogu animatronic, which has 15 servo motors that can move its ears, eyes, head, and arms.

Meanwhile, those that want a more realistic Mandalorian experience can purchase a more realistic version that has all the previous movements plus mouth movement and the ability to pass a shifter knob back and forth between its hands. It’s really impressive stuff, though we imagine that it will take a lot of money for either animatronic.

No release date for the animatronic Grogu has been revealed, though that should be coming soon. In the meantime, fans can check out Grogu’s adventures on Disney+ by watching The Mandalorian.

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