The Mandalorian will end with a huge ‘MandoVerse’ event, says Jon Faverau

Star Wars’ beloved TV series The Mandalorian revitalised Star Wars after the rough end that was The Rise of Skywalker. With two seasons under its belt, and two more on the way, the adventures of Din Djarin are far from over.

While Lucasfilm could get by with making traditional seasons of The Mandalorian, the movie studio has huge plans ahead. In fact, writer, director and producer Jon Faverau has revealed that a huge “MandoVerse” event is in the works.

When will The Mandalorian MandoVerse event happen?

In an interview with Steele Wars, Faverau discussed plans to create a massive event that ties together all of the current era Star Wars shows. Shows like Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett and Mando will all be part of one big story.

While Kathleen Kennedy has shut down rumours that Star Wars will have Marvel-like phases, Faverau is hinting towards that. In fact, he almost certainly confirmed that.

“Little by little I think more will emerge,” the director told them. “And as I’m writing and other filmmakers and producers are writing we really have to start communicating about how all of this begins to affect one another. Because you don’t want movies that are existing within the same time frames to ignore one another."

Faverau explained that connecting the stories is integral to connecting all of the stories is essential. With everything happening at the same time, it would be weird for nothing to connect in the shows. The director said:

“Dave and I being involved with all the show within this timeframe we could start to make everything have connection points that inevitably lead to conflicts and resolution.”

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Heir to the Empire adaptation

Faverau’s reveal that The Mandalorian, Ahsoka and more will culminate in one huge MandoVerse event could explain recent rumours. In particular, a rumour that the series will end with a movie adaptation of Heir to the Empire.

Recent rumours have claimed that the current era Disney shows will tackle the Legends story in a new way. With the story focused on clones of Emperor Palpatine, which has been teased in The Mandalorian, it would be a way to tie all eras of Star Wars together.

It is a huge undertaking to adapt such a vast storyline while also fitting in the entire MandoVerse. For example, the story is also expected to introduce Mara Jade, the wife of Luke Skywalker.

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