The Melgeek Cyber01 is a magnetic keyboard that wins on price - review

Melgeek Cyber01 keyboard in front of the box and a tiled wall
Credit: StealthOptional

Melgeek Cyber01 keyboard in front of the box and a tiled wall
Credit: StealthOptional

Magnetic switch keyboards are for a very specific audience. They don't offer the best typing experience, with mechanical options usually faring better, but if you're into your competitive FPS games, they're a solid option for precision and speed.

Unfortunately, like many things in life, price is usually a deciding factor, and going for a cheap option may lead to problems later on. However, the Melgeek Cyber01 offers a budget-friendly magnetic keyboard that seriously makes me considering switching, even if I have a few caveats.

Straight off the bat, the Melgeek Cyber01 makes a huge impression. While the design won't be for everyone, the chaotic, dystopian vibe of the keyboard looks incredible. Keys are switched out for Cyberpunk-style aesthetics, like the beloved Esc cap being turned into a biohazard symbol. It sticks to one vibe, and nails it. Even when plugging in the keyboard, neon yellow shines throughout, giving it a feeling of danger overall.

The rugged chassis of the keyboard feels sturdy, offering some heft to the overall board. It definitely feels like it won't be shoved around during intense moments, something that competitive players will likely love. Unfortunately, it doesn't feature feet for tilting, with the keyboard instead being designed at an angle.

Close up of the keys on the Melgeek Cyber01 keyboard
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Credit: StealthOptional

The RGB of the Cyber01 looks pretty amazing. There's the backlight behind all of the keys, while the surrounding board of the chassis has a light too, followed up with a small light bear right above the USB-C port. Further than that, there's also another five light bars under the Cyber01, which is a strange choice. This is a good time to mention that the Cyber01 doesn't offer any wireless functionality, and only runs via USB-C in wired mode.

Fortunately, each key is individually backlit too, and using the Melgeek HIVE software, you can customise the keyboard to your liking. Not only does this include the individual keys and the 'atmosphere' lighting, but also the key functions, rapid trigger, and more using the software. More on that soon.

If it boiled down to design on its own, the Melgeek Cyber01 is pretty exciting on its own accord. However, the magnetic switches are what make the Cyber01 an enticing offer. Despite costing only $159, the Cyber01 offers a great amount of customisation and some lovely magnetic switches that feel great to play with.

With the magnetic switches, the Melgeek Cyber01 offers an adjustable actuation point of 0.1 to 4.0 mm, completely adjustable via the Rapid Trigger setting in HIVE. You can set the specific actuation point of a few keys, or all of them, whichever you prefer. Unlike mechanical keyboards, which mostly have an active and reset state, this allows for deeper customisation to absolutely perfect your keypresses in whatever competitive game you play.

The Melgeek Cyber01 keyboard with the backlit keys on
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Credit: StealthOptional

That alone is a pretty huge selling point for many people, but Melgeek also allows you to have multiple settings on a single key. For example, if you can set multiple states on one key press, allowing you to have walk and sprint on W without using multiple keys. This is a pretty niche and specific use case, and the game will have to have gamepad support to take advantage of analogue options like this, but it's exciting nonetheless.

When typing on the keyboard, it sounds pretty great. There's distinct click that doesn't sound too loud, yet offers great feedback when writing out articles or in intense matches of Call of Duty or Fortnite. It's clear that Melgeek has taken time to pour a lot of passion into the Cyber01, offering something that feels and sounds pretty spectacular, alongside a great aesthetic too.

Unfortunately, there are some minor issues that take away from the Cyber01's incredible list of benefits. The features I've mentioned aren't exclusive to this keyboard, and while it comes at a great price point, a bit of research can find you similar listings. No wireless mode makes it difficult for those looking for as cable-free of a setup as possible, and the lack of tilt customisation could sway some interested buyers away.

And, while not exclusive to the Cyber01, having magnetic keyboards near devices or items affected by magnets isn't a smart move. That means, those expensive desk speakers you just went and bought? You'll need to find somewhere else to put them.

That being said, the Melgeek Cyber01 is an excellent magnetic keyboard that offers a lot of customisation and is perfect for competitive gaming. While there's some minor problems that keep the Cyber01 from reaching perfection, it's a budget-friendly option that offers a great gaming experience.

Melgeek Cyber01 magnetic keyboard
The Melgeek Cyber01 keyboard brings magnetic switches at a very budget-friendly price, with customisable actuation points, a great aesthetic, and a rugged design that feels like it can withstand a lot of intense games. However, a lack of wireless functionality is a huge missed opportunity.
8 out of 10
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