SEGA is launching Viruta Fighter as an Esports Project!

SEGA closed out its Tokyo Game Show event with a video teasing an upcoming Virtua Fighterproject as part of SEGA's 60th Anniversary event.

It is currently unknown whether this project, described in the teaser trailer as 'Virtua Fighter x esports', will take the form of a new game in the classic series, or if it will instead see players return to old titles that have been remastered.

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To see the trailer, it's breakdown, and what we think this could mean for Akira Yuki's future in gaming, keep reading!

Virtua Fighter x esports trailer

Shown at the end of the SEGA Fan Meet-Up event that was part of the Tokyo Game Show, SEGA released this trailer for an upcoming Virtua Fighter project.

The trailer, which starts off by showing Virtua Fighter fans and players competing at various Virtua Fighter events in the past, eventually transitions into footage of the series' iconic character, Akira Yuki, watching footage of the game. The trailer then ends with the phrase 'Virtua Fighter x esports'.

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What is the Virtua Fighter x esports project?

While the specifics surrounding this upcoming project remain vague, details have emerged from various SEGA outlets outlining further elements of the announcement.

On SEGA's 60th Anniversary website, the company state that Virtua Fighter "will be restarted as an esports title to commemorate the 60th anniversary of SEGA's establishment."

Given this phrasing, we expect a new Virtua Fighter game, probably with online multiplayer, will launch before June 2021, as SEGA's 60th anniversary was in June 2020.

Aside from a couple of mobile titles, if the new Virtua Fighter project releases on console, this will be the series' first appearance since the launch of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2012.

SEGA's webpage for the project suggests we "Stay tuned for more details on the project in future updates," so we'll keep you updated with any new developments when they come.

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