Star Wars games quiz: How well do you know your galactic trivia?

The Star Wars galaxy is a vast place, especially when you factor in the video games that studios across our little planet have been developing and publishing for decades.

But just how well do you know your Star Wars games? Do you think you can get ten questions right about those interactive adventures that have taken legions of loyal players to that galaxy far, far away?

Scroll just a little bit further and you'll be able to pit your wits against out Star Wars games quiz, where only a true master could get full marks...

Star Wars games quiz - try it here!

Impossible to see, the future is... so there's no telling how well you will do in our Star Wars quiz, until you click into the widget below and try it out for yourself!

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What is a good score?

If you've just finished that quiz, you might be wondering what constitutes a masterful score and what constitutes a disappointment on par with stepping in Bantha poodoo.

To be honest, your result in this quiz will largely depend on just how vast your Star Wars gaming knowledge is, and whether you've played the older stuff as well as the new.

If you've been playing for decades, we'd hope that you could get full marks. But if you're more of a newcomer to this galaxy, there's no shame in scoring around half. But however well you scored, thanks for taking part! The Force will be with you, always...

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