RANDOM: Creepy Pokemon figures mix Pikachu with the Xenomorph from Alien

There are plenty of fanfics and bits of fan art depicting the kind of horrors that are normally reserved exclusively for our nightmares.

You can google pretty much anything and find some kind of twisted messed-up version of it, or worse, the horny stuff. A word to the wise, basically never google anything you like and look at the images because it'll do things to you that you won't like.

Well, in this case, not only is there a mash-up of two gigantic franchises, but you can even get your hands on them.

So, allow us to introduce you to the Xenochu.

What do you get when you cross a Pikachu and a Xenomorph?

These figures from Kelake imagine a world where the Xenomorphs have taken to giving Pokemon some face hugs.

It's a pretty horrifying concept, but the models themselves are actually quite stunning. Featuring deformed versions of the characters we know and love, there are currently only Pikachu and Bulbasaur models.

Both look incredible. They'd go nicely amongst some Amiibo or Funko Pops if you're that way inclined too.

It got us wondering though, which Pokemon would be the most impressive in this style?

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What other Pokemon should have a face hug?

Now, there are basically two ways you can take this.

It's easy enough to imagine Xenomorph versions of already unpleasant Pokemon. Imagine Gengar or Mewtwo, for example. That kind of Pokemon, the ones that are meant to be fear-inducing, make perfect partners for this unsettling style.

The other way you can take it is probably a little more horrifying though, and that's to imagine the cutest Pokemon turned into Xenomorphs.

Imagine Jigglypuff or Oddish as a Xenomorph. Now that you've done that, imagine trying to sleep again because you can't.

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