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PSVR: What comes in the box?

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Whenever you purchase your own unit of the PSVR peripheral, it's not just the headset itself that comes in the box.

Almost everything you need to set up and try on the PSVR experience is already there; from the wires to the power.

Although there are some add-ons that you may opt to get separately as well to further indulge to your PSVR gaming extravaganza.

With that, here's what you need to know about what comes in the box of PSVR.

What comes in the PSVR box?

Inside the box, that comes with your PSVR when you are able to buy it, the following is also present:

  • PSVR headset
  • PSVR demo disc
  • External processing unit
  • USB cables
  • Headphones

The PSVR system also includes 18 available and ready-to-play games upon purchase in which you can try on to grasp the VR experience during the earlier days of using it.

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PSVR add-ons to get separately

To complete your PSVR experience, you may need to look at the add-ons which are very significant to maximize what the PSVR has to offer.

The Move controllers, as well as the PS Camera are both missing when you will get the PSVR packaged as the basic version.


But even if getting the Move controllers and the PS camera costs you more money, securing them is highly essential for the PSVR - these will take your PSVR journey to another level of immersion.

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