What does a white light on PS5 mean? - light indicators explained

PS5 White Light: What Does A Flashing Or Solid White Light Mean?

PS5 White Light: What Does A Flashing Or Solid White Light Mean?

There's always a worry about your tech breaking down, and lights are usually a powerful, yet simple indicator as to whether something is working as intended. In that case, you may be wondering whether a white light on the PS5 is safe or not.

Whether you've got the original model of the PS5 or the PS5 Slim, and you're worried about the meanings behind the different lights on your console, worry not! Here's what the PS5 white light means, as well as the other colours that can be seen.

PS5 white light - what does it mean?

A solid white light on the PS5 means that the PS5 is on and working as intended, giving you some reassurance that your expensive console is available and ready for you to play. This is from personal experience, but the PlayStation support site also states the same.

Unfortunately, a flashing white light isn't as good of a sign. If this is happening to you, your console may be having some issues, or it could be frozen. The best steps to take are the to:

  • Unplug the console.
  • Wait 60 seconds, plug the console back in and turn it back on.
  • If the issue persists, reinstall the console software using Safe Mode.

All power light indicators on the PS5 explained

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The DualSense LED can be changed when connected to PC

However, the solid white light isn't alone. There are still many different power indicator light colours that depict different meanings.

While the blinking orange light means the console is entering Rest Mode, the solid orange light indicates your PS5 is sitting in Rest Mode.

A pulsating red light is the most undesirable one. It may signal that your console is overheating and needs better airflow or a service. And finally, no light indicates that your PS5 console is completely powered off.

Those are all of the meanings behind the lights of the PS5, including the PS5 white light, which is arguably the best one to have. Make sure to check out the PS5 Pro specs if you're looking to upgrade your beloved PlayStation console, even if you've just bought the standard one. Who doesn't want an upgrade?

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