PS5 white light: What does a flashing or solid white light mean?

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While the PS5 may not feature RGB lighting, its white light does a lot of lifting as a visual indicator- whether as a solid or flashing light.

Aside from white, the PS5's light can also turn orange to signify the console is in Rest Mode (although we'd perhaps avoid Rest Mode for now).

But what does the flashing or solid white light mean on the PS5 console?


Solid white light as a power indicator

The PS5 support page brings in the answer to the coveted question about a white light appearing on the front of your console.

It could be your best choice and most desired power indicator colour because it means that your PS5 console is on and is working normally.

It's every owner's expectation that when you buy something at £449, you want to make sure that it's working perfectly.

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The DualSense LED can be changed when connected to PC

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Other power indicator light colors on PS5

However, the solid white light isn't alone. There are still a bunch of different power indicator light colours which depict different meanings.

As mentioned earlier, the orange light indicates your PS5 is sitting in Rest Mode.

The blinking or flashing white/blue PS5 lights indicate that your PS5 may be suffering from some console errors- most likely being frozen. If holding down the power button to turn off the console doesn't fix this - unplugging and plugging the PS5 is the official advice from Sony.

As for a pulsating red light, it may signal that your console is overheating and needs some better airflow.

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