Pogba's Warzone loadout REVEALED: You can now play Call Of Duty Warzone like Paul Pogba, because he's joined Verdansk FC and shared his favourite weapons

In one of the more shocking signings in recent memory, Man Utd's Paul Pogba has revealed that he's going to moonlight as CoD streamer!

Don't worry, Red Devils fans - he's still going to play for Manchester United in a footballing sense, but he's also going to play pro Call Of Duty: Warzone for Verdansk FC (a.k.a. the Verdansk Sparks).

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One interesting detail from the announcement was the fact that Paul Pogba revealed his favourite Warzone loadout! So, dear reader, you just need to scroll a bit further to learn how Pogba likes to play...

Pobga Warzone loadout details

If it's long been your dream to play Warzone like Pogba, boy are you in luck! Here's his favourite loadout, which has now been shared with the world...

• Primary weapon: The Glitch Bruen MK9• Secondary weapon: Open Season Kar98k• Lethal equipment: C4• Tactical equipment: Heartbeat sensor• Perk one: E.O.D• Perk two: Overkill• Perk three: Tracker

It doesn't come as huge surprise to know that Pogba is one of those Bruen-loving people, but still, it's cool to know exactly how he plays!

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What is Verdansk FC?

Confused football fans around the world might be wondering what exactly Verdansk FC is, and we've got the answers for you here. It's basically a real-life team of Call Of Duty players, attached to the total fiction location of Verdansk (which is the main setting for online Warzone matches).

As Call Of Duty publishers from Activision explained in their press bumf, "Verdansk FC (a.k.a. the Verdansk Sparks) is a football team based in the country of Kastovia, and following the opening of Verdansk Stadium to mark the beginning of Season 5 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® and Warzone, the club has announced Pogba as its first major signing.

"Players in Warzone can drop in to Verdansk FC Stadium - nicknamed the National Acropolis Arena - now, just one of a number of new locations added in Season 5. Other locations include the Train Station interior and a colossal, continuously moving freight train to claim as a mobile base of operations."

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