Play Warzone like Tfue: Best loadout, button mapping, keyboard binds, settings and tech set-up to match the pro Call Of Duty streamer

Tfue has been moving more into Warzone recently, and as someone who plays a lot of Fortnite, he's still kicking all kinds of butt.

As such, you might be wondering how he does it. Well, the answer to that is time, patience, and the fact that he's secretly a robot.

Some of those may or may not be true, but we do know that you can get a little bit closer to his KD by copying how he plays.

So, here's everything you need to play Call of Duty: Warzone like Tfue.

Tfue Warzone Loadout

Tfue likes using the Grau 5.56 equipped with the Monolithic Suppressor, the Tempus 26.4" Archangel, the Tac Laser, the Commando Foregrip, and the 50 Round Mags attachments.

As his secondary, he uses the MP5 but the Rampage blueprint of it. This has the Monolithic Integral Suppressor, the 5mW Laser, the Merc Forgrip, the 45 Round Mags, and the Stippled Grip tape attachments.

His perks are E.O.D., Overkill, and Amped, and he then has the C4 as his lethal, and the Heartbeat Sensor as his tactical choices.

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Tfue Warzone Button Mappings

According to Best Gaming Settings, these are the button mappings that Tfue uses to make his dreams come t(f)rue:

  • Use/Interact: F
  • Crouch: C
  • Prone: Left Ctrl
  • Jump/Mantle: Space
  • Sprint/Steady Aim: Left Shift
  • Toggle Camera: V
  • Toggle Firing Mode: B
  • Reload: R
  • Melee/Zoom: Caps Lock
  • Auto Run: H
  • Map: M
  • Scoreboard/Inventory: Tab
  • Aim Down Sight: Right Mouse Button
  • Field Upgrade: X
  • Lethal Equipment: G
  • Tactical Equipment: Q
  • Use Armor Plate: 4

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Tfue Warzone Tech Set-up

Tfue, naturally, has only the best of tech for his set-up, at least according to Best Gaming Settings.

He uses a BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 as his monitor, which has an excellent image, and it's been better when combined with the Sennheiser HD 800S headset, which means he can see all, hear all, and then hunt down all.

He then uses the Taeha Types Custom keyboard, and the Razer Viper Ultimate mouse. Both of these are perfect for the kind of twitch shooting you need to succeed in Warzone.

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