Rust decay: Why is my building decaying?

When you are playing Rust, it's wise to expect that your buildings in the game will undergo some decay.

Decaying is a feature that was added in the game of Rust to solve the high amount of player-made structures being seen in the map.

Even though that reasoning is hard to argue with, some people can't help but hate this feature as well.

Here's what you need to know about why your building is decaying in Rust:

Why are buildings in Rust decaying?

The official Rust fandom wiki page confirms that decaying is a very deliberate feature in the game.

To stress those reasons again: the decay is intended to deal with the massive number of player-made buildings in the game, which the servers can't support forever.

The decay starts off by slowly decreasing the structure's health foundations. If you've not been able to prevent it, decay will continue to happen, and it will eventually lead to the destruction of your building.

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How to prevent decaying of buildings in Rust

Even though decaying is rampant in Rust, it can still be prevented in some ways.

Just add more wood in your own action bar, return to the building that you want to repair, and hit the button to fix it at some point.

This is just a temporary thing, of courses, but it still helps. Strengthen your structures to at least keep it for a while longer.

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