Rust game engine: What is it running on?

Rust, just like any other video game, has been developed and is running on a game engine.

Yet it first ran on a different game engine when it was released way back in 2013. Though it was just less than a year later when another game engine took over.

Have you ever wondered which game engine Rust is running on?

Here's everything you need to know about Rust's game engine...

What game engine is Rust running on?

The game was originally released in Steam's early access program more than seven years ago. That state of the game is now known as Rust Legacy.

Yet it was in 2014 when the game saw a significant and major change in its overall system, especially on the game engine aspect.

Rust was then ported to the Unity 5 game engine. But the transfer saw some much more improvements for the then one-year-old game.

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Rust improvements after it was ported to Unity game engine

Since Rust was ported to the Unity 5 game engine, there a lot of enhancements and upgrades that happened.

Gaming On Linux mentioned that the game developers were able to solve different issues through the Unity game engine. These fixed problems include the annoying issue of the game being unable to update itself on Linux and macOS builds for over 8 months in 2019.

Also, the graphics in Rust were greatly enhanced after it used the Unity engine. The game was also able to introduce the immutable, as well as the predetermined skin colour and biological sex connected to the Steam account details of the players.

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