Dyson Sphere Program Roadmap: What updates are coming in 2021?

Dyson Sphere

Dyson Sphere

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Youthcat Studio's Dyson Sphere Program is now available in Early Access, following its successful Kickstarter campaign that raised ¥1,434,062 (just under $14,000).

As with any other Early Access title, Dyson Sphere Program will see a steady stream of updates throughout its Early Access period, before finally releasing as a full game. The game is currently in Version, following a new patch on June 17th, 2022.

If you're wondering what updates and new, exciting content are coming to Dyson Sphere Program in the future, here's everything we know about its roadmap.

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Dyson Sphere Program updates 2021

Youthcat Studio has not yet released a full timeline of what specific updates will release this year, but Dyson Sphere Program's Steam page does give us some idea of what will come as the game moves closer to its full release.

These are the features that Youthcat hopes to implement:

  • More types of planets and celestial bodies
  • More exploration events, such as being sucked into a black hole
  • Mecha editing: players will be able to design their own Mecha
  • Monsters: alien enemies that can attack your factories and spaceships to bring more tension and excitement to the whole experience 
  • More construction types, such as suspended platforms to extend constructions from planets to space
  • Quality-of-life improvements and balancing
  • More music tracks, sound scenes and cutscenes

We shouldn't expect to see any major gameplay mechanic changes in Dyson Sphere Program, however, with Youthcat Studio saying: "The core mechanics of Dyson Sphere Program are ready."

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Dyson Sphere Program Roadmap May 2021

On April 28 2021, Youthcat published a post explaining that Dyson Sphere Program will "achieve a major update in mid-to-late May". This went live in late May.

The update sees an updated system for mass construction of single buildings, with the developers stating they have "rewritten nearly 10,000 lines of code" to achieve this.

Building on the Kickstarter Stretch goal, players will be able to view a 'leaderboard' in the form of a Galaxy. This galaxy will see every player represented by a star cluster, whereby players can check the data and power generation of other players.

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This Major Update went live in late May 2021, and also included helpful functions such as:

  • 'Free Line' mode for Assembly Line Construction
  • Mass Construction function
  • New Desert and Ocean planets
  • New technology to change warp speed
  • Four additional background music themes
  • Various balancing and bug fixes

You can view the full patch notes here.

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The one caveat with this large Dyson Sphere Program patch is that given the scale of the update, it is not compatible with existing save data. Instead, new saves are needed to make use of the new content and changes, as explained in the FAQs.

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Dyson Sphere Program full release date

Unless you are Star Citizen, games will inevitably leave their Early Access periods and release as a full game.

Youthcat Studio has not announced its official release date as of yet. However, speaking about Early Access, the studio said: "Our plans are for this EA stage to be about 1 year long."

Given this, we would expect Dyson Sphere Program to launch out of Early Access in Early 2022, although this is not confirmed.

The developers also acknowledged that they are "open to our players’ feedback and ideas" and will be willing to expand the Early Access period if necessary.

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Dyson Sphere Program Update 2022

We had suggested that Dyson Sphere Program might make its way out of early access in early-2022. This, obviously, hasn't happened. The game remains in early access, but the developers have not been idle.

Most recently, Youthcat Studio has provided an in-depth look at the combat system for the game. You can read the full details here. But some of the key features they've added are as follows:

  • The first appearance of the enemy shadow
  • Central Core building
  • Phase Laswer Tower
  • Planetary Base building
  • Photon Harvest Station

There have also been numerous patches over recent months. But how does all this translate to a Dyson Sphere Program leaving Early Access and getting a full release?

Well, as yet there is no confirmed release window for the game. It's worth remembering that this is a small team relying on Kickstarter donations to keep funding development of the game. So it's perhaps inevitable that things are taking a while.

It's encouraging that progress continues to be made, and that updates and poatches are being regularly deployed. This suggests the team are working hard to get the game ready for a full release. But when that's going to be, remains a mystery at this point...

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