Civ 6 Vietnam: New Civilization led by Bà Triệu comes to Civ 6 in January

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Since its initial release in 2016, Civilization VI has continued to receive a huge amount of new content and updates from its developers.

The Frontier Pass has already brought four new Civilizations to the game, most recently Babylon in the Babylon Pack. The next pack set to launch is the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack, which will include the Vietnam Civilization and its leader, Bà Triệu.

For everything you need to know about Vietnam and Bà Triệu, keep reading.

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Civ 6 Vietnam Civilization Explained

Much of the uniqueness about Vietnam comes from its Nine Dragon River Delta ability. This restricts the land-based speciality district placement to Rainforest, Marsh and Woods tiles, but these buildings will then yield either extra Science, Production or Culture.

Woods can also be planted with Medieval Faires civic, which should allow you to expand out your Civilization fairly quickly into new terrain if you move to unlock Medieval Faires pretty fast.

Vietnam also has its unique Voi Chiến unit that replaces the Crossbowman. These ranged units can move after attacking and have a higher Combat Strength, Movement and Sight compared to the base Crossbowman, although they also have a higher Production cost.

Finally, the Vietnam Civilization has the unique Thành district that replaces the Encampment. It has a variety of different effects, such as having a lower Production cost, and providing extra Culture from adjacent districts.

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Civ 6 Bà Triệu Leader

Bà Triệu, known also as Lady Triệu was a warrior who fought against Eastern Wu occupation of 3rd Century Vietnam.

Her special ability, aptly named Drive Out the Aggressors (taken from a Bà Triệu quote on the Vietnamese resistance) grants all units +5 Combat Strength when fighting on Rainforest, Marsh or Wood Tiles, which is doubled if this is in Vietnamese territory.

She also has the Defender of the Homeland agenda, which means she hates Civilizations that have declared war on Vietnam, while liking those that have not - a pretty rational policy, to be honest.

Bà Triệu and the Vietnam Civilization will be available to use as part of the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack that launches on January 28, 2021.

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