Civ 6 Kublai Khan: New Leader added for China in January update

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Gaming has recently found a love for Genghis Khan's more unknown relatives.

With Ghost of Tsushimaintroducing gamers to Khotun Khan - Genghis Khan's fictional cousin, Civilization VI has now added Kublai Khan - Genghis Khan's grandson and eventual successor.

If you want to know more about how this leader will act in the latest Civilization VI Frontier Pass expansion, keep reading.

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Kublai Khan Civ 6 Leader Explained

Following its reveal of Civilization VI's Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack, 2K has now disclosed further information surrounding the leader.

Kublai Khan will be available as an alternate leader for both the China and Mongolia Civilizations, reflective of his position as the ruler of the Mongolian Empire and his founding of the Yuan Dynasty in China, where he served as Emperor.

As with all the recent leader additions, Kublai Khan comes with his own unique ability- Gerege. A gerege was a tablet carried by Mongolian officials, granting them special privileges, with Kublai Khan presenting Marco Polo with a 1ft long gerege to assist him through Mongolia. Its use in Civilization VI somewhat reflects this, granting one extra Economic policy slot to any government. Gerege also grants a random Eureka and Inspiration when players first establish a Trading Post in another civilization's city.

Kublai Khan also has different benefits depending on whether he is leading China or Mongolia. As the leader of China, the Gerege ability complements China's unique ability that allows Eureakas and Inspiration to contribute towards research costs. When he leads Mongolia, Khan capitalises on Mongolia's ability to create Trading Posts whenever a Trade Route is established, meaning players will get their Eureka and Inspiration points straight away.

You can check out more about Kublai Khan in this First Look video:

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Kublai Khan Civ 6 Release Date

Kublai Khan will be available to use in Civilization VI from January 28, 2021 - the launch date of the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack.

This is the fifth and penultimate pack included in Civilization VI's Frontier Pass, and includes the new Vietnam Civilization along with its leader, Lady Triệu.

The final pack to the Frontier Pass is expected to drop later this year in March, although the focus of this pack is still unknown.

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