REVEALED: AMD Radeon 6700 XT: Features, Specs, Release Date, Price

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Last year in Autumn, AMD finally announced and released their new Radeon 6000 line of graphics cards.

They were also were prone to some bots however, but not as bad as NVIDIA experienced, with many happy customers installing their 6800, 6800XT or even 6900 XT GPU into their PC.

With AMD now working to replenish stock, there's been a leak of a lower variant that's soon to be appearing apparently, with a '6700 XT' model coming.

With that, here's how it may stack up with its other 6000 brethren's, in specs and most importantly, in price.


As reported by 'Cowcotland', the card looks to be built upon a 'Navi 22 XT' architecture; a go-between of the 6700 and the 6800 of the other Radeon cards.

While the look of the card will still contain the three-fan design, it should also mean that the 6700 XT will be slightly smaller than its higher-end variants, resulting in more space in your PC case, alongside significantly lower wattage requirements.

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While we have links to the other cards in the Radeon 6000 line-up which can be found below, the potential specs for the 6700 XT looks to be just as competitive to their rival's NVIDIA GeForce 3070:

  • 12GB GDDR6 Memory
  • 2650 compute processor
  • 192-bit memory bus
  • 384GB/s bandwidth

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As we look at the Radeon 6800 cards, they are priced around the £699 mark, which are still competitive compared to the 30 Series of NVIDIA GPU products.

It won't be a stretch to expect a £649 price point for the 6700 XT, which could undercut the NVIDIA cards further, while bringing out a slightly-faster card.

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Release Date

This is where it feels slightly unusual. With NVIDIA rumoured to be on the verge of releasing more of their 30 series cards as soon as next week at CES 2021, AMD are apparently looking to release the 6700 XT in early-March.

Competitively it may be too slow to do this, giving NVIDIA a two-month advantage with their own newer variants.

However, with stock being the main theme of this GPU generation, it may come to be in AMD's favour when March comes, with a plentiful supply of the 6700 XT and perhaps other variants yet to be leaked.

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