RANDOM: NVIDIA's RTX 3090 has enough virtual storage to hold Crysis 3!

The internet is filled with chaos and turbulence. Sometimes it's bad, and sometimes it's good.

In this case, somebody decided to really push the RTX 3090 to a whole new level and see if they could install a game on it.

We don't generally recommend doing this for you, our dear readers, but it's impossible to deny just how impressive it is.

This is the story of how Crysis 3 came to be on an RTX 3090, not just played there, but settled in and living there.

That's not what the GPU is for

As reported on initially by Kitguru (as far as we can tell), a Twitter user called @Strife212 decided to mess around with some VRAM software in order to install Crysis 3 directly onto their GPU.

It apparently runs rather well at very high settings too. This included at 4K, which is hard enough to do normally, let alone like this.

It's quite the accomplishment, and it's hard to imagine that this would be possible on any of the other GPUs around.

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What is the RTX 3090

Just in case you're unaware of the RTX 3090, let us break it down for you.

For £1,399 the RTX 3090 is a rather pricey GPU, but it's also a beast in both size and power. The specs for this absolute unit are incredible:

  • 24GB of GDDR6X over 384-bit memory interface
  • 1.7Ghz ‘Ampere’ core
  • PCI Express Gen 4.0
  • Maximum resolution of 7680×4320
  • Ray Tracing Second Generation
  • Recommended system power of 750W
  • Three DisplayPort 1.4 ports and two HDMI 2.1 ports.

As you can see, it may well be bigger than your house and cost a bit, but it's got more than enough power to back all of that up. Just, look at that absurd resolution.

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