NVIDIA's legacy Turing architecture could be making a small comeback

It's no secret that both NVIDIA and AMD have been suffering from stock issues ever since they announced their new graphics cards.

With no end in sight for the foreseeable, it looks like NVIDIA is turning to their previous series, the 20-Series based on the 'Turing' architecture, for help to alleviate the frustrations some customers have been having.

As CES becomes another distant memory, there's a sense of bafflement that NVIDIA announced a new GeForce card at the conference, with stock issues pending on all their 30 series cards.

However, a return of the RTX 2060 may help alleviate some frustrations for now.

A Re-Release Incoming?

Winding the clock back to 2019, NVIDIA announced their latest architecture, 'Turing', with the 2080 as the flagship card. It introduced ray-tracing and significant improvements on its previous 10-Series.

According to Videocardz via Overclocking, multiple sources have said that NVIDIA are planning to re-introduce the RTX 2060, possibly at a new price point.

The card was seen as a mid-range GPU in the NVIDIA line a year ago, even having a £50 price cut almost a year ago across the world. However, with the 30 series being announced last November, it's been much harder to find stock due to NVIDIA obviously classing the 20 series as a legacy line now.

It seems as though stock is imminently on its way to several stores, with shipments arriving across the world, perhaps for an announcement by NVIDIA soon.

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When Could They Arrive?

In a way, it does make sense, especially if the 2060 has a new price cut to make itself more justified to those still waiting to buy a GeForce 3070 and above.

Just by watching the Digital Foundry video below, it's no slouch, with the card easily achieving over 50 FPS on high settings with games such as 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider'.

For someone who is building a new PC, this could be the ideal scenario; you get a great card at a great price, and it's a great starting point for what you'd like to upgrade to in the future.

However, for those still waiting for stock for the 30 Series, it is a temporary band-aid, and doesn't address the green RTX Elephant in the room. Perhaps once this resurrection of the 2060 is announced, NVIDIA may also give an update to stock in more helpful detail than they gave at their CES keynote last week.

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