DELAYED: NVIDIA's RTX 3080 Ti is rumoured to be launching much later this year instead

There's many PC users out there who have been waiting to jump on a GeForce 3080 GPU, but due to the stock issues since it launched, there's been a lot of difficulty in finding one.

It looks to be even longer, if a certain YouTuber is anything to go by, clearly stating that stock issues are here to stay for a large part of 2021.

With NVIDIA announcing the 3060 at CES last week, there were many raised eyebrows, mainly due to the fact that there's barely any stock available, so announcing a new GPU seemed strange.

However, lets go into the details of this further delay, and what it could mean for the 30 Series in 2021 as a whole.

Why the Delay?

With the 3080 'available' since its launch in November but with no stock to find, there have been rumours of a 3080 Ti that would feature more memory; 20GB GDDR6.

However, as seen in the 'Gamers Nexus' video at 8:13, they state that the lack of an announcement from NVIDIA is probably due to low stock in all of their supply channels.

He says that '...Brand partners are telling us that NVIDIA hasn't announced this model just yet, mainly due to the fact that they're working on more stock for their existing SKU line.'

He also said that the GeForce 3050 is indeed coming, but again that's due to be announced once stock for the other models are back to some normality.

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What could the new Release Date be?

It all comes down to stock. It's the theme of PC components as we head deep into 2021.

It's not an exaggeration to say that we are living in an unprecedented time, and everything is taking a hit and a delay; you only need to follow when the latest Bond film, 'No Time To Die' is meant to be releasing.

As things go, it could be a few more months until we see the supply chain find some way of manufacturing these graphics cards.

So for now, it may be best to hold off and look to another upgrade for your PC.

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