Looks like NVIDIA has lowered the RAM for the upcoming RTX 3080Ti, but why?

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It may be a surprise, but NVIDIA are certainly working on new cards for their 30 Series for the next few months.

While we've talked about a '3050' and others, its the '3080Ti' that's creating the most buzz.

However, with rumours that it was to include 20GB of GDDR6 RAM, it looks like NVIDIA has slightly changed their manoeuvre to the left.


With that, lets see what this rumour says, and why the RAM is apparently lower now.

What was the Rumour?

It's been an understanding in certain circles that the upcoming 'RTX 3080Ti' model will feature 20GB GDDR6 RAM, but over the weekend, a respected leaker debunked it.

Leaker 'kopite7kimi' tweeted that it's now dropped to 12GB.

However, it also looks like the cores in the GPU have dropped too, with '10240' CUDA cores.

However, even with these drops, they're still more than enough compared to AMD's '6900XT' offering.

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What's the Release Date?


With NVIDIA still looking to replenish stock for the cards already announced, it looks like this model is appearing in April.

It's slightly strange, considering it still being a mammoth challenge in someone trying to find a 30 Series GPU, and there's potentially a new card coming in two months.

However, if NVIDIA opens up pre-orders in April for a release further down the year, it could help manage expectations.

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