HIGHER Prices on ASUS GPU and Motherboards due to Tariffs Incoming...

2020 was challenging for a variety of reasons, however in the business-world, their supply chains and changing tariffs around the world meant that businesses would be increasing their prices for certain markets.

Tariffs are a tax that allow certain products to be made available in a certain place in the world; these can be higher or lower, depending on what the product is, and where it's going.

With PC Components, it means sourcing the right materials in order to create the products, and it looks as though ASUS are going to be raising prices to soften the blow from new tariffs.

With that, let's look into what's been said so far, and what it could mean.

What Happened?

Yesterday, a long-term employee by the name of Juan Jose Guerrero III posted in a FB group about price changes coming to their graphics cards and motherboards.

He justified this due to the changing import tariffs, with the supposed changes coming in the first quarter of this year.

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As Juan's post states, the new MSRP won't come into effect right away, but one can suggest that it may apply to the newer GeForce and AMD Radeon cards to come, which are going to be on the low to mid-range of the GPU line.

With prices floating around £350 to £450, some customers are becoming tempted to buy a previous-gen card such as the Radeon 5700XT or the NVIDIA GeForce 2060 Super.

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How Much Higher Could The Prices Be?

While Brexit is in full-swing in the UK, some products are tied to some tariffs outside of the European Union, but there are other countries with much higher charges on certain goods.

With ASUS's product line, it's completely down to them, but pricing a new GPU too high could alienate their existing customer base.

Perhaps a rise of £30 could occur, but we won't know for sure until the new MSRP prices come into force in the coming months.

However, if you are looking for a new motherboard or GPU, and you prefer ASUS, perhaps the time is now to start purchasing these to complete your PC.

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