GALAX GeForce 3090 line revealed with a HUGE Spec Bump

Even though stock of NVIDIA's GPU 30 Series is sparse, that's not stopping certain manufacturers from announcing new variants.

One of highlight is GALAX, an enthusiast manufacturer who are highly regarded in the PC Gaming circle, who have announced a line-up of GeForce 3090 cards.

While the 3090 cards from NVIDIA are considered the top-tier of GPU's at present, GALAX are known for leapfrogging the standard specs, and that's no different here.

With that, here's what they're offering from the 3090 line.

What's the Specs?

GALAX like to name certain cards as 'HOF', or the 'Hall of Fame' cards, and that's no different here, where they're offering:

  • HOF Standard
  • HOF Premium
  • HOF Limited Edition
  • HOF Extreme
  • HOF Extreme Limited Edition

Every edition comes with the standard three-fan system, with two 102mm fans and a main fan at 92mm.

The 'Premium' variant has a 'HOF Panel III' LCD screen which can be fully customisable, alongside LED's around the fan that can also be configured.

Each of the cards feature a Display Port and a HDMI port, alongside a GPU that can go up to 1.9 GHz in the 'HOF Extreme' variant.

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What's the Release Dates?

There's countless more features, such as switching BIOS, a one-push button for a 'Boost' option, and much more.

However, GALAX haven't announced a release date for the cards as yet.

It may be due to the stock that NVIDIA is trying to source for customers across the world, waiting to own one.

However, customers may not have to wait too long, as there are rumblings that the 30 Series is about to see a replenishment. Which should hopefully mean that we will also see these behemoths appear soon after.

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