ANNOUNCED: Oculus Quest 2 is getting some much-requested updates next month

The all-in-one VR headset from Oculus has become a hit since the second version was released last September.

Featuring a higher-resolution display and a lower price, it's become the go-to headset for many who don't want to spend £1000 for the latest and greatest.

Reflecting this, its maker, Facebook, is keenly aware of its success so far, and has ben supporting it with regular updates since its launch.

However, they have announced two updates this week that will make it infinitely better for a family who use the device.

What are the Updates?

Announced on Wednesday, Oculus announced incoming Multi-User accounts and App Sharing.

With every Oculus user required to have their own account, some were beginning to get irritated in signing-in every-time someone else wanted to use the headset. But now, no more.

The other feature was app-sharing, where a primary account holder will be able to add up to three secondary accounts, and enable it on just one device.

It should be noted however, that while an account can be used on another device with their own apps, it can't be used at the same time on another Oculus device.

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When do they Release?

Apps will be required to add the feature of app-sharing in by February 13th, but if there's a reason why an app can't, they can opt-out of this.

It's most likely that the two updates will land for customers soon after this for developers.

These are two often-requested features that are already arriving five months after the debut of the Quest 2.

With lockdown certain for the next couple of months, they're incredibly useful features that could help a family or even a group of friends needing to stay in, to easily manage their Quest 2.

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